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Negative seller feedback for Android 18

really hate to do this but... ON August 31st I messaged him and we quickly struck a deal for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Switch for $28. He said it might take a few days beforeshipping it out and I never heard from him again. Not sure what settings his account may be on but he has not posted since September 2nd. I finally decided to message him on September 16th to see how he was and see what was going on with shipping and still nothing. I proceeded to take to these here forums as some may know and asked for advice about a week later and thus contacted Paypal who would not compensate fair enough it was my own fault for doing friends and family alothugh I have not had a single bad transaction here or at the old place so I just went by instinct too trusting I suppose. So I messaged him via his email that was used for the paypal transaction on Tuesday and still nothing so i'm chalking it up to a lost cause. He mentions something of a "small emergency" in his original listing so I would really hate if something happened to him even if it was truly a scam I would rather it be that than something much worse but I also feel that people should be warned in case he does return and here is his email just on the chance he comes back as someone else to be wary [email protected] (please remove if this is not allowed). I just it hard to believe that he has had no access to a device that let's him get online for almost a month and especially when someone is to be expecting something. So yeah there it is if you are reading this then i'm glad nothing happened to you but hope you understand where i'm coming from.