Community Spotlight: Puyo Puyo Community |OT| “Puyo Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Whoa, I'm surprised that this is a Community Spotlight thread now! I thought the timing is good and bad though. Good because there's a new Puyo Puyo game announced, but bad timing because an English localisation is currently uncertain and it's not released yet.

For Puyo Puyo e-Sports, the characters so far inherited movesets from older favourites:
- Hed (demonic guy next to Ringo): Suketoudara; yes, that means Suketoudara and Hed are clone playables.
- Sultana (flower lady on the top-right corner): Feli
- Ciel (bespectacled blue-haired lady): Klug
- Penglai (pale-haired dragon lad clad in green): Lidelle
- Harpy (pink-haired angel): Yu & Rei
- Seriri (blue-haired mermaid): Ocean Prince
- Hartman (white-armoured man): Lemres
- Alex (yellow female warrior): Ms. Accord

Unfortunately the 4Gamer video didn't gloss over Lagnus when they selected Fever, so I can't see what's his moveset. If the moveset is inherited from Chronicle, then he would probably have either Ecolo or Rafisol's moveset (I think it's the latter).

  • Fever mode is back. It's basically like Puyo Puyo Tetris Big Bang, but you have to build a meter to enter Fever mode, and only for 15-30 seconds. It's a reversal mechanic, basically. It's intended to let beginners have fun but it's pretty good competitively too.
I've been meaning to ask something to pro players about Fever, since I don't get much opportunities to do so (and also pro players tend to choose Tsu):
- When it comes to the easiest character, Arle is almost universally agreed upon. What I am most interested is: which character/dropset is considered the toughest to use (include another example if Carbuncle is your choice)?
- Are there any past characters whose movesets would be viable for the current state of Fever?

Thank you for reading.