Dark Souls III |OT| Git gud xd

That was the Chaos blade IIRC, dex build so maybe 40-45 dex, roughly around the same for HP probably? I can't remember off hand, but I was probably around level 100 or so with a main focus on dex, HP, and stamina (endurance).

People tell you to "not use the lock-on" but I find the opposite is true. You will lose the lock-on often as the camera goes bonkers when he's close, and that can be a bit frustrating (my only issue is the arbitrary loss of lock-on that happens randomly when you're too close, e.g. at 0:23 and other places), but do try to center the camera and/or lock-on the head as much as you can.

Fight him like you'd fight Amygdala in the Defiled Chalice dungeon, assuming you played Bloodborne; basically, stay in front at all times but keep a semi-generous distance, bait its attacks, and let him throw his tantrums; when he's done, he will lower his head, giving you a chance for 2-3 hits, though never really much more than that unless you have a very fast weapon.

The important part is patience and not to get greedy. Let him throw his tantrums, then when he's done, punish the head, then retreat back to a safe distance. The only time you might actually want to rush in during the attack is when he does the laser-beam follow-up to his flame-breath; in my experience it's safer to close in because the laser beam covers an outward arc and it won't hit you if you close in.

The trickier attack to dodge, IMO, can be the insta-charge when he's far, there's a tell but it's short and you do need to be quick, I sometimes got hit by that even after being practiced with it, but it shouldn't be a OHKO.

Good luck!
I went through everything in Bloodborne and 100% the Chalice dungeons. So with this I’ve done a strength build and used the Drang hammers primarily though have switched to the Executioner Greatsword in the DLC. For this fight I upgraded a Lothric Knight Greatsword for the lightening bonus which can be worthwhile against dragons. Are there any worthwhile rings for this fight?

Thanks for the tips and suggestions. When he throws that tantrum, if I can dodge it, yes it does lead to some attacks, I’m just not consistent with my dodges. And that instacharge attack drives me nuts. I am the absolute worst at dodging it. While I have trouble dodging most attacks I can do it occasionally, but that charge gets me like 90% of the time.
So many tries, so so so many tries, but I finally did it.... ended up bumping my str and vigor to 40... not that it took a lot of levels, and got his patterns down. I think getting his patterns down was infinitely more important than gaining a few levels.

It’s funny cause it took me FOREVER to get him to his second stage for the first time, but actually once I got him there it only took a few more tries to beat him. Very happy I didn’t quit. Now on to finish the game.