Dead or Alive 6 Discussion Thread - Roster, Stages, DLC, etc

Dying to see Nyotengu in this game. Going to be seriously bummed if she is not in the story mode for some reason so I hope we get confirmation of her being in it too. Phase 4 too I guess.
Hoping that they at least try with outfit variety before saying screw it and dumping nothing but swimsuits again, anyway.
How can she be in story mode if not all players will have her? She's a preorder bonus/DLC character, right?
It's possible for characters to show up as opponents in a story mode in spite of being DLC (i.e., BBTAG). It just rules out any chance of getting to play as them in said story mode.
Several DLC characters in the Street Fighter V story mode are playable even if you do not own them (and before they were released, even). I believe Black Panther showed up in the story mode for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite too. It is certainly possible to include them, especially considering they are designed to be in the game day one.
The stages won't be very pretty...

That mountain and clouds look awful, or how barren and undetailed the ground is:

Some of those palm leaves are extremely low resolution:

Just caught up on the stream, the Jurassic Park stage seemed really fun!
FSD's twitter posted quite a bit of detailed impressions.
Looks nice, Honoka definitely seems to be a swimsuit, probably the case for Marie too...
How can she be in story mode if not all players will have her? She's a preorder bonus/DLC character, right?
Again, I think she'll be just an instant unlock preorder code and will be unlockable otherwise, like Android 21 in DBFZ.

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Fits pretty well yeah.
New interview with Famitsu, from Siliconera. Some quotes:
Famitsu: After playing the game I couldn’t help but notice how much nicer the graphics are compared to Dead or Alive 5.

Yohei Shimbori, Producer: That’s right. Actually, the new graphics engine isn’t finished yet. So I believe it’ll be even better for the next version. I hope we get to show how pretty it looks on the next occasion.
By the way, I heard that a “new female character” is going to be introduced, but could you perhaps share any hints about her features?

Yohei Shimbori: Her voice actress is top-class! I suppose that’s not much of a hint. [laughs]

That’s pretty vague. [laughs] However, since she’ll be on a 3D mouse pad, does that mean she’ll have voluminous breasts or butt?

Yohei Shimbori: I don’t know? She just might have some volume somewhere else.
Thighs confirmed?

oh and the stream is over, starts at 1h49 for those wanting to watch it again
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Best part of Ayane's new outfit is the hood and the thigh straps imo.
To be fair, they've said that Ryu's new costume was designed as if it was for a new Ninja Gaiden. I guess the same logic was applied to the other ninjas.
Game looks great but geeze I hate Honoka. Such a low effort character in visual style and overall design. Also her boobs in this demo really highlight how nonsense the physics are. I say this as someone whos played and mostly defended all the DoA games haha.

Like seriously I can't ignore her wearing a mostly tight jacket but her boobs are bouncing all over the place but the jacket itself isn't moving. Its bothering me so much.
No idea, i only played 1,2 and 5, since 3-4 are xbox exclusive.

From what i know, they only focused on kasumi all the time
Nah, in DOA3 the final boss is Genra who was Ayane's mentor. Ayane is the one that defeats him in DOA3. So she did get her place in the spotlight, you just missed it. :P
Ayane was the central point of DOA3 yeah, even was on one of the boxarts.

That said, I don't think there's ever really been a protagonist in DOA. It's about Kasumi's clones, but the plot varies quite a bit, and Hayabusa saves the day most of the time.