Destiny 2: Forsaken |OT| I'm Coming Home, Ace

Warlocks really got the easy mode this expansion, Nova warp is the best super by far for pvp.

Shit is downright cheesy.

Insanely mobile, great AoE and it last for faaaar too long.

I can't put up the kind of numbers warlocks get in QP as hunter because i don't have a super that nasty.
Blade Barrage them. Warlocks spent a whole year using the garbage nova bomb against Arcstriders and getting by.

I’m sure you can do the same.
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Agreed Nova Warp is by far the best super in PvP.

Just did the first 3 bosses of the raid for the first time. Fun stuff, almost 570 now, so will try and do the entire raid this week.
The (blizzard) website is very confusing, Forsaken Expansion is only purchase in the Legendary Edition? Really?
The site does suck for navigation, yeah, but if you go here: you'll be directed to the other option available with Forsaken standard edition. It requires you owning the prior two expansions though, so the Legendary Edition would be your best upgrade route barring any deals on other sites.
God dammit. Had a good group to grind Competitive for Luna's Howl and ran into a stupid glitch that caused my game to kick me out to Orbit. Game said I "quit the match early" even though it wasn't my fault. So I try to join again and the game is even more broken with everyone in the match running into the same problems, kicks me to orbit again and I get suspended from Comp. Shitty way to end the night and I'm hoping my rank didn't suffer because of some stupid glitch
Blade Barrage them. Warlocks spent a whole year using the garbage nova bomb against Arcstriders and getting by.

I’m sure you can do the same.
And if you dont have BB (which they can dodge aslong as they're not ass) they just get to full wipe the team twice? Lol

Atleast you can run away from Arc strider AND can fight it because he has to physically melee you in from direct angles.

Super is busted, Warlocks not being the greatest before really doesnt change that.
Sleeper nerf is an auto aim nerf. Will still completely outclass queenbreaker.
Oh, so still broken af on PC. Never mind.

didn't they nerf orpheus rig pretty badly?

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they nerfed it so you couldn't tether the same enemies over and over again. So its more like a 1 tether, spit out 7 orbs, get your super back, but you can't tether the same enemies to repeat the process. Nerf yes, but its still pretty strong if you have a area with constantly spawning areas, looking at you shattered throne infinite ghouls section.
It takes 12 enemies now to get back your super instead of 8, besides the no to the same enemies.

Still OP, just not broken like before.
Yep. Now Meatwad will only show up about 1% of the time until the next week 3 of the cycle.

I really hope you are kidding!? I've been playing Gambit for 5 hours, each day ... since the Taken Corruption was at it's peak. That's 35 HOURS. Not a SINGLE Riven boss spawned.
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