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About Draconian Mode. If someone starts a game without anything turned on can you turn Draconian Modes on during the game or can you only turn these on when starting a new game?

I know you can turn them off (with no chance of turning them back on) during the game but if you never turned anything on in the first place can you flick em on once the game started?
Why do I get the feeling that this Draconian Mode wasn't thought out very much....
Difficulty that you can only switch down after the start of the game is a very common thing in many other video games. The point of these is that you start and play the entire game with them, or remove them if you don't like them, but not that you toggle them on and off whenever you like, they're mostly for self gratification anyway since they're not linked to any achievement or reward.

If you play PC you can edit your save to turn them on though.
Eh, I don't feel like Dracoian Mode is that different from a lot of older DQ. Some bosses can be a bit unfair, but it also forces you to play smart, especially with status ailments and buff/debuffs.