Electronic Music |OT| Alternative clubbing in dark alleys

Haha nice. Stingray is such a dj machine, seen him maybe 3-4 times now and always kills it. Enjoy the Drexciyan electro rinse-out! :D : D
I legit hurt my neck for two days from headbanging so hard. one of the craziest sets I'd ever seen, and packed as hell for a sunday night
This is an old one but it's a really good remix. DM have a really good track record of letting people remix their stuff.

Depeche Mode - Home (Jedi Knights Remix Drowning In Time) (1997)

Andrea Parker is awesome too. From the compilation album "Here's One I Made Earlier..." The song is from 1996.
Very much not clubbing: I'm living my life through ambient albums at the moment.

Khotin - Beautiful You and New Tab are brilliant. The former especially. Wish it was 12" and not cassette.
Cass. - Postclub Prism is just wonderful. Swings between the lighter (!) side of Emra Grid, Disasterpeace, Ripperton's Sight Seeing in terms of tone. Lovely.