FIA Formula One 2018 |OT| Halo: Racing Evolved

You can see why Ricciardo decided to leave for Renault. After Max got his shit together and didn't do amateur mistakes in races he has been destroying Ricciardo pace wise.
That really is just one side of a much bigger story. Ricciardo beat Max the last seasons, and yet Marko and co. always favoured Verstappen. The treatment Ricciardo got despite outscoring Max was not ideal to put it mildly. There was no way he was staying regardless of the results this year.
Mercedes should have left it as it was. Vettel wasn't going to get past Hamilton.

Even if they switch them back later - Bottas had a good chance for his first win here and he won't get the confidence he might have if he drives past at the line.
The red bull pace in sector 1 and 2 even with new tyres is trash.

I noticed with Ricciardo when he went on the ultra.

Looks like RB maybe burned up all their fuel and battery packs trying to extend the first stint and are now just saving fuel and charging the battery.
Wonder if they’ll do the switch on the mercs? It feels like they were a little too trigger happy with the initial swap, but im not sure how much better it would make bottas feel since he might have an asterisk against the win in his head