Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS5 would be preferable, right?

I think late 2019/early 2020 would be realistic for the first part (whatever their current release structure is). It's worth noting that SE's recent financial report showed they're expecting a huge spike in income for the fiscal year from April 2019 to April 2020. I can only imagine this means that either FFVIIR Part 1 and/or Avengers releases in that period. I don't see any other games that could cause such a spike, tbh.

Is this a cumulative measure of all sales? Including merchandising and other supplementary sources including digital, mobile? In any case, it makes a solid case for FF7R Ep 1 making some kind of appearance next year.

It was revealed for PS4, and some people have one for that game. It's only right and proper that the whole game is released on that platform. The "PS5" is vapourware right now, and its prospective owners aren't entitled to "more graphics" - Truthfully, it shouldn't be a thing until 2022 at the earliest. 2024, tbqh... It's actually rather disgusting that people on here are fine with the idea of the PS4 being ditched. Not everybody has the means to buy new/multiple platforms, and for those who bought a PS4 with a view to playing it, such moves would be a huge "Fuck You". I felt the same about those who wanted LOZ: Breath Of The Wild to miss the Wii U for the Switch alone, only to ask for the SM3DWorld and XCX ports.
"Disgusting" is a bit dramatic. "Right and proper" is nice and all but it doesn't reflect history of actions not just by SE but within the industry at large. Games in development are sometimes transitioned to new hardware, it happens. I also disagree that prospective PS5 owners aren't entitled to more graphics, I think the contrary is true. The idea that you get better graphics is inherent to buying into a next-gen platform.

I sympathize, of course. But I'd still like to see FF7R on PS5.