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Unless they somehow introduce armoured enemies, I don't get the point of the hotspot.
Well, it was a casual discussion of video games delivered as a sort-of radio show, to be played on, e.g., an iPod. It provided an entertaining but digestible summation of video games news of the week for people who have some time to kill when they're doing activities that could use some stimulating audio such as low-key MMORPGs or commuting to work.

Edit: Go to giant bomb dot com for the latest information about video games.
Rockstar is all about fetishistic attention detail. It's part of their #brand.

They'd absolutely introduce a mechanic with the sole purpose of being noticed.
Not sure if it has been mentioned yet but the latest episode of the true crime podcast Sword and Scale has the story of a guy who before murdering the woman he was obsessed with made a “large donation to video game website GiantBomb”. They played the audio of the mailbag episode where they opened the box he sent in.
I just listened to this. Giantbomb is a really onimous name for a webiste within the context of the podcast lol.

Also this podcast has pretty high production values for an hour long show.