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She's not in the EN version yet sadly

Well this equipment rate up has killed any hope I have of getting M35 if the shotgun rates are just as "good"
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How does one get an AN-94? because actually I really like the look of that
Sorry, I was too happy to see that costume, so forgot to label it as CN server. Don't worry, she will come to all regions, but I am afraid it will takes a while as she was added to CN server earlier this year.
>having to wait even longer for the next realmbw goddess, Python.

I mean, we haven't even gotten M1887 yet, so rip me tbh.

I know it's summer right now, but can we have Arctic Warfare event next to cool off?
>having to wait even longer for the next realmbw goddess, Python.

I mean, we haven't even gotten M1887 yet, so rip me tbh.

I know it's summer right now, but can we have Arctic Warfare event next to cool off?
Arctic Warfare is much meatier than Cube... I doubt they can translate them in short period of time. The CE requirements are also way higher than Cube, so Mica probably need to look at the CE levels of players before launching it. BTW, there are also past crossover events too so we will have something to look forward to in the future.
I don't remember how much resources I had, but I think I must've done around 60-70 contracts for this rate up*. The 5*s I got were Type95, Thompson, M99, SR-3MP, NTW-20, and my second WA2K <3. And a bunch of new 4* as well. Since they're all basically new and I wasn't going after anything specific to me I'm fine with it.

which is a lie, obviously
So, I finally got PKP last night BEFORE the rate up, doing a single one-off production. And of course, now all I'm getting is cores.

97 please where are you

Edit: Oh, there she is.

I'm gonna cry
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Got Type 97 G41 and Suomi to complete my collection. Only missing G36c now and I'll have all SMGs. Got a bunch of other 5* and for the first time, a shitload of 416s.
30 pulls: 2 416s 3 Thompsons 4 ump 9s

Wanted g36c or Type 95 but I guess I can't complain now that I can max dummy link those three for free

Edit: correction it was 50 pulls

Edit 2: I should have quit while I was ahead. My last 14 pulls were crap. Out of tickets and probably not enough rations to make a run at shotguns :(
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After literal months of rolling HGs I finally got my first Welrod, and then WA2k followed not too long behind. Those are all I really wanted from this, but I went for SR-3MP and didn't get her after over 80 contracts. Instead my first Suomi (two copies) and two Vectors, alongside heaps of Thompsons.
I started the rate up thinking I did not want any new 5* so I went 130/all. I ended up getting a 2nd M950a and 1st Welrod along with a few Grizzlys and Thompson. Then I moved to MGs and in about 20 crafts I got 2xPK (after not getting any in almost 350 0-2 runs), a bunch of MG3 and the one and only Negev. Then I moved to rifles and got my 2nd Lee Enfield and FINALLY bloody WA2k. I decided it was worth going for SMGs after that and got my 2nd Vector and Suomi. I'm down to 11 contracts and 20 Quick prod but went up to 350 cores. Can't be mad at these results, no sir.
Got WA and a shitload of dupes. A lot of those became cores, but still I now have to level up a lot of people to use these dupes in dummy linking to make room for more dolls, yay.

Also I can confirm that Calico doesn't exist.

Also I burned through all my contracts so rip heavy production rate up.
Cross-posting from Figure Era OT

Just want to share something I have been working on lately... I am making a figure for M1895 Nagant Revolver. Sort of a fan project for GF.

The pose is going to be an original design, taking inspirations from 3-1N to 3-4N. Hopefully I can finish it within this year (and look decent enough lol). I want to join Wonder Festival in Feb. Currently finding people to help me out with the application process. So if you know anyone who live in Japan can help out as well as participating the event on that day, feel free to contact me through PM.
I foolishly didn't read the dates correctly and did a few heavy productions the last couple of days. Argh!

Question on progress. I'm at the point where my top two echelons are basically 2AR/1RF/2SMG units around lvl 80, slowly progressing to 90.

It's basically
ST AR-15
Sten MkII


M1 Garand

Obviously I'll need to use cores on the AR team, plus probably UMP9 but the rest I think I have enough spares to dummy link (which is why i chose them). I have a few other five and four stars but at most dummy link x2.

I'm super scared of core hell, but should I go ahead and level some of my 4 and 5 stars, or just keep on chugging to 90 first? Any ones that I should definitely use if I pull them even if I have to burn cores?

I only have around 269 cores left.
No wonder AN-94 and AK-12 are among the most popular units in GF... Both of them look cute yet hardcore, very fitting to the game.

I also like G36. Lovely.
"I'm at 98/100 dolls, nothing to scrap, let's make a last heavy construction and take a break from crafting"

> 1:40

Made another one since I'll soon have a very expensive blue smg to scrap.