Kojima says play MGS3 first if you're new to the series

What he says makes more sense than "just play them in release order lol". I think a lot of people simply do not realize how difficult it is for new comers to the series to get over the outdated camera and controls of the first game and second game. Modern gaming conveniences will make 1 and 2 an absolute chore for new comers to play through even though they are actually quite easy games on the normal difficulty. So, from the perspective of the creator of the series, it would make sense that he'd introduce new comers to something that they are far more likely to stick with than a game they'll play for 10 minutes, go "nah that's too old" and then drop without a second thought.

Not everyone is able to look past the old visuals, top down camera, and clunky controls, you know?
Now that I think back, I played it 3 > 2 > 4 > 1 (buying it digital via psn) > Peace Walker (on release along with every subsequent game) > HD Collection > Rising (shut up its canon) > V.

I spent a lot of time on the wiki reading what I missed. Didn't understand the Big Boss reveal until I read up on it. Was quite a revelation.