Let's Create the Official ResetEra PS4 Dynamic Theme (Update: Avatars Added!)

What does a poll look like?

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Look. You made the PS2 theme. You made the only theme that matters from now until the PS5's release. You could've ended it there.
I kinda forgot about this... glad you didn't m0dus! ;)

Looks neat, so there is a "dark theme"?
I can't do bright colors... I really love the black / purple look of the era "legacy" theme. :o
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lol you can tell who was banned from ERA by the reaction to Wario64 posting a link to this.
Or just people who dislike the site in general.

Same thing happened with the old site. Just like how there's people here who hate on sites like Reddit. People will always dislike sites for one reason or another.

(Let's just hope this theme doesn't age as poorly as the last site's theme, or having the old site as a flag in Rocket League...)
EU store allows themes only when associated with games or something stupid like that...

Edit: which begs the question why is there no era game yet!?
Thanks, indeed something like that is really stupid, damn EU store :(

By the way, good question, could be something like AVGN games with a main plot like "create a controversial thread and survive the members" lol
Been rocking your PS2 theme since it launched, haven't changed it since. Though I will for the time being to apply your era theme for a bit. Great work!
Really nice theme, going to keep it on for a while. If there's ever a gold version for our loyal ResetEra Gold members I'll pick that one up too ;)
So yeah, beyond the era theme, it’s just a good looking/sounding theme in general. I am impressed and gave it a thumbs up and five stars. It probably wouldn’t hurt for anyone else who liked it to uprate it, it’s good work.
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Quick question is that music that plays during the video in the OP actually part of the theme? Because I love the way that sounds
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