Let's Create the Official ResetEra PS4 Dynamic Theme (Update: Avatars Added!)

You can search on the web store actually. :) I put “truant” in all our theme titles so they will pop up
Oh you can? I distinctly remember you not showing up when I tried to search your name, maybe they added the functionality in one of the updates. Good to know!

Edit: wait, you meant the web store. I'm talking about searching on the ps4 itself.
Does Sony force themes to disappear after a couple of minutes of the PS4 being idle? It's a shame that the nice purple just goes away and becomes a grey background after a while.
This looks great. Will definitely add it to my home screen when I get home.

OT question but is there any theme for the background of the XB1 made by Truant Pixel for ResetEra? May as well have the complete set.