Mega Man 11 |OT| The Gears of Fate turn for us all...


Megaman 11/Rockman 11: Gears of Fate!! will be released both digital and physically on:
USA/EU - October 2nd, 2018
JPN - October 4th, 2018

at $29.99/£24.99/¥5,389

For those that prefer a digital copy, you can find pre-order links below:

US eShop
EU eShop
US Microsoft Store
Steam Store

And here's an extra discount for our PC friends: GMG has the pre-order at $23.99 using the promo code PAYDAY23.

As in the case of the other two Megaman releases this year, there is an entire slew (or mess, depending on where you live) of Megaman 11 physical versions.

For North America:

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One will each be receiving a physical copy of the game. If you pre-order at the following retailers:

Best Buy

You'll receive a suite of eight alternative instrumental piano arrangements for the in-game stage themes. Note that the US digital pre-orders will receive the same bonus as well. PSN downloaders also get a 30th Anniversary PS4 theme.

Gamestop has the exclusive rights to a Limited Edition Amiibo version of Megaman 11. It comes with:
-Megaman 11 Switch cartridge
-MM11 Amiibo
-Dr. Wily Logo Adhesive Patch
-Set of 4 Colorful Stickers
-Stage Select Microfiber Cloth

for $59.99. At the moment, this bundle is sold out, so keep checking this link for restocks. This will be hard to find as it is the only way to get the new Amiibo in North America.

For our friends in Europe:

Physical versions will be made for both PS4 and XBO. However...the Switch version will be digital only... And as of deadline, Europe will not be getting the MM11 amiibo either.

However, you European MM fans get something extra special in return:

Capcom and Pix'n Love have created an EU exclusive Megaman 11 Collector's Edition for PS4 and XBO. Each bundle includes:
-A physical copy of the game.
- A never-before released 80-pages hardcover book with rich illustrations, that retraces the history of the 11 games in the Megaman franchise canon.
-4, two-sided lithographs on card stock featuring official illustrations from Megaman 11.
-A cardboard box with Pantone colors that bring the 1980s/1990s back to life.

You can order this CE with the following links: (Playstation 4) (Xbox One) for 59,90 €
And yes, they ship worldwide.

And of course, we can't forget about Japan/Asia:

The Japanese will be receiving physical versions of Rockman 11: Gears of Fate!! for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One release will be digital only.

I think it goes without saying that Capcom of Japan will be bringing our neighbors to the east some badass Rockman Collector's Editions.

The Rockman 11 Limited Edition box art comes with the following:
-Physical copy of the game
-Starter's Guidebook
-Rockman 11 Amiibo (for Switch version only)

Many importers are already sold out of this version, but luckily still has a few for sale. You can find those here and here at ¥7,549 and ¥8.629 respectively.

And yes, e-Capcom has their own edition as well:

The Rockman 11 Complete Edition contains:
-Rockman 11 game
-Starter Guidebook
-Cloth Poster
-Production notes booklet
-30th Anniversary Acrylic Keychain
-Rockman Life-up piggy bank
-Special collector's box
-Bonus postcards
-Rockman 11 Amiibo (again, Switch only)

Good luck finding this version. Every importer has been sold out for months! I will give alerts if this changes in the next week or so...

And finally, a ton of Megaman 11 Merch is included with this new game's release.

Hyperkin is releasing a Megaman 11 themed version of their X91 Xbox One/PC wired controller for $29.99. Currently, Amazon and Gamestop are taking pre-orders.

A Limited Edition, hardcore Megaman 11 Strategy Guide has been created in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Blue Bomber. It includes not only a complete walk through for the game, but an index of bonus features including comics, behind-the-scenes featurettes, retrospectives, fan art, and more!

And last, but not least, a stand-alone Rockman 11 amiibo is being printed in Japan. So, for those that missed out on those CEs, there's still a chance! is taking pre-orders here.

But now, to the main event!

Megaman 11 is the newest entry in the "classic" Megaman action/platform series created in 1987, and the first new entry in over 8 years. Unlike the last few titles, Megaman 11 is presented with a gorgeous 2.5D graphics style with 3D polygonal characters and 2D environments; very similar, and yet, more refined than the styles to Megaman X8, Maverick Hunter X, or the remake, Megaman Powered Up.

The on-going rivalry between Dr. Light and Dr. Wily comes to a head yet again as the mad scientist reflects back to his university days and recalls a controversial, banned robotics procedure dubbed the Double Gear System. While it has the ability to increase a robot's speed and strength, it can cause permanent or even fatal damage as it pushes them past their set limitations.

Reviving his own Double Gear research, Dr. Wily breaks into Light Labs and steals 8 of Dr. Light's newest Robot Masters, installing them with the new technology, and declaring his eleventh attempt of world domination!

Left with no other choice, Dr. Light installs his own variation of the Double Gear system in Megaman in hopes of allowing him to stand against Wily's newest war machines. But will the Blue Bomber be able to withstand the negative effects of the Double Gear? And how does this relate to Dr. Light and Dr. Wily's previous partnership back at the Robot Institute?

Megaman 11 has been given several "quality of life" updates in order to help bring the Titanium Titan into the next generation of gaming. The biggest contribution is the new Double Gear system that is able to boost Megaman's natural abilities for a limited amount of time.

The Speed Gear can slow down the world around you, allowing you to take a few extra seconds to navigate through perils.

The Power Gear allows Megaman to super-charge his Mega Buster arm cannon, enabling him to turn even the toughest enemies into broken scrap.
But beware! Abuse of either of the two gears can seriously hinder Megaman for a short time, leaving him defenseless and vulnerable.

If all else fails, and Megaman's energy meter is near-depleted, he can activate both Double Gear system, which combines the speed and power enhancement. But use it wisely! It takes even longer for Megaman to recover from such an attack. He won't be able to even charge his Mega Buster until then!

Megaman's copy-weapon system has changed as well! As discovered by our own Protodude (owner of Protodude's Rockman Corner) in a Megaman Legacy Collection 2 easter egg, the Blue Bomber now changes his physical appearance when he assumes a Robot Master's weaponry. You can also quick select those weapons in-game by using the right-analog stick.

Even Rush gets his own dedicated button and permanent on-screen energy meter this time around!

Like in previous games, Megaman 11 has a variety of different difficulties to make the game more open to newcomers to the MM franchise, or challenging to the old timers (like me)

Megaman 11 doesn't just have a story mode. The game also features a variety of extra modes including time trials, missions, global leaderboards, a gallery of concept art, and more!

The Blue Bomber himself, Megaman was originally created as an assistant for Dr. Light, but after Dr. Wily announced his plans for world domination, Megaman volunteered for a combat upgrade. Now, he goes into battle against Wily using the powerful Double Gear System.

Considered the father of modern robotics, Dr. Thomas Light is credited with Megaman's creation. Since his days of studying alongside Dr. Wily at Robot University, Dr. Light has shrived to create a society where humans and robots can peacefully coexist.

For years, Roll has basically been Megaman's little sister. She helps around the house and in the laboratory, and always sees things through. She's quite the stickler for a job done right!

Megaman's loyal companion Rush can transform to suit the situation: the spring-backed Rush Coil helps Megaman jump to higher places, while the flying Rush Jet lets him soar past the hazards of Wily's robot minions!

A mad scientist who desires to take over the world, Dr. Albert W. Wily has been stopped time and time again by Megaman. After completing the Double Gear System, Wily's desires have reignited as he sets out to take down his long-time rivals.

And now, your new Robot Masters!!!

Originally built for land development and exploration in polar climates, Tundra Man found a new obsession the first time he saw an ice-skating championship on TV. Having spent long years perfecting his technique on the polar flats, Tundra Man desires nothing more than to show the world his swift, majestic form. Switching on his Speed Gear sends him from figure skater to speed skater as he dashes, jumps, and unleashes blizzards at high-speed.

A cutting-edge chemist turned mad scientist, Acid Man is bent on mixing volatile concoctions. But he's ready for battle as soon as his acid barrier goes up! Acid Man's corrosive shots and barrier only become more intimidating once he activates his Speed Gear, sending him into the pool for a flurry of chemical chaos!

Bounce Man was developed as a crash test robot, but his incredible stretching and bouncing abilities led him to become a fitness instructor. Innocent and optimistic, he can't help bouncing around in joy, even as he's throwing punches. But when he activates his Speed Gear, he bounces around with dizzying speed!

Built to withstand the toughest working conditions, Impact Man never hesitates, and always rushes to action. His body consists of three pile driver robots who call themselves the Impact Brothers: Kui-ichiro, Kui-jiro, and Kui-saburo. Despite Impact Man's bulky appearance, he can charge forward at high speeds, which only becomes more intimidating after he activates his Power Gear.

Torch Man first began training to keep his fire under control, but now his refined Torch-jutsu skills only fan the flames. Watch out for his deadly jump kick! If Torch Man turns on his Power Gear, he'll become completely unchained, and things will really start to heat up!

Always running a short fuse, Blast Man is known for his fits of explosive emotion. Since he's used to running around blast sites, he knows how to get in and out and leave bombs in his wake! If a battle runs on long enough, he'll turn on his Power Gear, and then it's big bombs away!

Always alert and on-edge, Fuse Man's power over massive currents and lightning-fast speed contribute to his electrifying nature. He can zap anyone in a flash if they dare to short-circuit him. As if that's not enough, he can also activate his Speed Gear to push light speed to the limit in a flashy display of zip-zapping prowess.

Block Man tends to dash around as he tries to get the drop on his enemies. But when the going gets tough, he activates his special gift from Dr. Wily: the Power Gear. Growing larger than life, Block Man's destructive force multiplies to match his massive size.

30th Anniversary Announcement Trailer
Gameplay Trailer
Demo Trailer

Inafking (I know you didn't help with this one, but we wouldn't have made it this far without ya...)
The Official Megaman 11 Website (for the imagery and background stories)
Protodude's Rockman Corner (for so many resources...)
Megaman Network
Capcom Unity
The Megaman Homepage
Megaman Knowledge Base Wiki
Kangi for fixing my avatar. Thanks again!
and every single person who bitched and moaned until another real Megaman game was made!!!

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Awesome thread, thank you. I'm excited to start tomorrow, a new Megaman after all these years and in that gorgeous style.
YAY Mega Man love!!!!!!!!!!!!

I admit, I've been playing an early copy and its really really solid. Only played through it once on Normal, but I'll be returning to it through out the week. I just really want it to be super successful so we get more in this style. I would be thrilled if future Mega Man games build off this one.
Finished it last weekend. Really enjoyed it, but it should be played on normal. I finished it on casual and they just hand out way too many bolts, which means you can never run out of health tanks or lives.

This is not as much of an issue on normal.
I was going to pick up the Switch cart at the shop on Tuesday, but just realized on glancing at this OT that I completely forgot about the Wily Numbers soundtrack for pre-ordering. This is probably the only time I've ever been swayed towards a pre-order by bonus music DLC, and with no information about how else that might be unlockable, I jumped on it; I can wait the extra day or two for shipping. It helps that I'm confident in this as a day-one purchase, and indeed my major release event of the season, on the strength of the demo.
Nice one, OP! I got my copy on Saturday. Finished Block Man's stage, Impact Man's stage and, after struggling on all day yesterday, Torch Man's stage. Will tackle Fuse Man next! My limited edition strategy guide should come tomorrow too so looking forward to checking out all the extra stuff that it comes with.

The achievements/trophy list seems pretty fun. I think I may go for 100%. Toughest ones in there seem to be completing all the stages with no damage. Can't tell whether that's without taking damage at all or finish the stage with a full health bar though.
Holy shit, awesome OT! Gonna be busy this month so I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to sink into the game, but I'm excited! Still can't beat Block Man in the demo, though... But I'm getting there! Really enjoyed it, slowly learning to play better.
played the demo recently and boyyy am i rusty on my mega man. thought it was just the game at first but i went back and played the Legacy collection, yup my muscle memory is fried

anyway really stoked this exists at all. i feel guilty for not buying it day 1 but i don't know how many more games i can juggle at the moment
I've actually really come around on the look of this game.

When they first announced it, I thought it looked a little cheap, but after playing the demo on Switch, I actually really like the look of it.
Thanks for the link OP, almost missed out on that sweet jpn collectors edition
I was going to pick up the Switch cart at the shop on Tuesday, but just realized on glancing at this OT that I completely forgot about the Wily Numbers soundtrack for pre-ordering. This is probably the only time I've ever been swayed towards a pre-order by bonus music DLC, and with no information about how else that might be unlockable, I jumped on it; I can wait the extra day or two for shipping. It helps that I'm confident in this as a day-one purchase, and indeed my major release event of the season, on the strength of the demo.
Glad to help in both cases. Rather get the goodies now than pay up the nose on eBay. If there’s one franchise that always goes up in value as time passes, it’s Megaman.

And speaking of...

Who the hell writes Mega Man in one word ... if you are going to disrespect the character at least use a hyphen
OP creates an amazing OT and this is what you come in with. Classy.

Great work, MaverickHunterX , always appreciate the care you put into these.
Look at the game logo?
I always get this argument in every OT I make LOL.

This is my deal - I prefer using the single word Megaman as his Japanese name, Rockman is one word, not two. In the US, Capcom has switched back and forth on the single and dual word versions of the name since the NES days. Or how nearly every superhero that ends with -man uses a single word form (e.g. Superman, Batman, Aquaman)

In fact, the only time in thirty something years I’ve ever seen the use of Mega-Man (with hypen) was the original advertisement for the first NES Megaman game. I’ll see if I can find it if I have the time.

EDIT: here you go:

Still, “disrespecting the character” - that’s a new one, I’ll give you that. And thanks all for the brand support to all that replied, but I’ll agree to disagree here. It’s no big deal.

At least I don’t have anyone complaining about the Robot Master order this time around...HA!
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I get why the game wouldn't get a physical release on Xbox for Japan but what's the reasoning behind no Switch physical for Europe? It's so strange.

I'm in for a NA PS4 physical copy.