Mega Man fans, do you prefer Classic or X series?

Which series is better?

  • Classic (Lighthearted precision platforming all day)

    Votes: 86 31.5%
  • X (Grittier, faster action is more my thing)

    Votes: 187 68.5%

  • Total voters
I know Zero and ZX are also sidescrollers, and Legends exists as its own thing, and then there's Battle Network and Star Force and etc. etc., but these two are in the spotlight now due to

-MM Legacy Collection greenlighting MM11
-MM11 releasing today in North America
-X Collection having recently released
-The possibility of Mega Man X9 being teased

So, which series do you like better? What about it do you like? Do you prefer robot masters or mavericks? Wily or Sigma? Proto Man or Zero? Catchy tunes or rockin' tunes? Lighthearted Astro Boy camp or dark and gritty Robocop dystopia? Why?
X by far. It's kind of silly, but I actually enjoy the stories in the X series as well... at least the greater strokes of the story. The finer points and how they are told however...
Classic. I never wanna touch another X game in my life (and I haven't even played the uber BAD ones!).

Better music, stages, bosses, gameplay, plus Sigma is the dumbest/lamest looking big baddie in the whole MM series an thats apparent from the very first game!
X as a concept has the potential to be the coolest 2D action series ever but alas, only like 3 games make good use of it.

Classic is very consistent and great so I prefer it.
X by a long, long margin. To the point where it's one of my favorite series and I'm lukewarm on the classics. The movement and gameplay variety(and level design) in X just destroys anything in the classic series, though the companions starting in 6 were pretty fun.
Good x games > any classic game >>>the bad x games

As a whole I love the x games more for their darker stories, faster gameplay, significantly different play style with zero, and more rockin music. The bad x games are really dreadful to play and considering 3 of the mainline 8 (5-7) are various levels of miserable to play that I think the classic series edges it out by just being consistently good.
As a series? Original overall, just because some of the X games are kind of lackluster. That said, if I were to rank the games, my top 5 would include an X title or two.
Overall, I prefer Classic. Largely consistent quality speaks volumes.

But when X was having a very good day, said game easily was among the best games in the series. I can only hope the inevitable X9 recaptures that.
I really like X's world and story, but gameplay wise I prefer the precision platforming of the classic series. The only game in the X series I truly love is X4.

I should also say that I prefer the Zero series to the X series. Zero controls so fluidly in the Zero series, and that alone makes it more fun to me. Also I like the story and character designs even more in the Zero series.
I like the earlier (X1, X2) X's... After that it started feeling a bit convoluted to me.

I also enjoy the original series though as someone who lived through the entire 8 bit era, I'd prefer the updated graphics as opposed to the nostalgic visual path personally.

Mega Man 11 looks great!
X. I’m not sure how popular this opinion is, but I got around to playing X8 for the first time with Legacy 2 because ive only played X1-5 previously, and had an absolute blast with it.

Would love to have X9 in a similar vein, but I’d take anything as long as its as good as 11.

Battle Network Legacy when Capcom?
Zero is the best but I prefer X over classic for the action. Classic may be more consistent but it can be kind of boring. 11 looks like its plays more like the X series though.
The classic Mega Man games are some of my favorites, but I could never get into the X games. I prefer the platforming style of classic Mega Man. I also prefer the style of the classic robot masters and the overall level design across the classic games.

Also, something just feels a little "looser" to me about the X games. Not sure if that's a great description, but something just doesn't click the same with the controls. I feel like the classic games control a bit snappier.
X, better controls, OST, graphics, level design, bosses, better everything basically. Personally I think Zero 1-4 and ZX / ZXA count as X

Imo, of course.
Classic... Outside of shitty no. 8, they are all great formulaic Saturday afternoon challenges.

Once you get past the first 4 X’s, the series falls off a cliff, and you’ll find it impossible to finish the rest of the franchise.
X series. X1, 2 and 4 are better than any classic games.

Although now that I think about it I guess the classic series is actually more consistently good. I like them all pretty much the same, but X games drastically drop in quality.
X and it's not even close despite X series having so many bad to terrible games.

Classic is just so limiting in your movement and predictable in the game formula. I like the more serious setting and tone of X, the more detailed designs of the characters, better storytelling (for 1 - 4) regardless of Inafune shoving Zero in my face every goddamn second, the fortress bosses being cast members and not just some random machine thing (usually), and how everyone has more personality than Classic. Bosses having special entrances and animations like smirks and taunts was mindblowing at the time. Gameplay is the real defining difference. The X series is so much faster with the dash and dash jumps, the wall climbing gives you so many more options in stage design and boss fights, and heart tanks and armor capsules are infinitely more engaging and rewarding to seek out than Classic's....Balloon? X just gives so much more freedom to movement which makes bosses speed up in response.

The double bosses in the Legacy Collections is a dream for me. I love everything about them and I would scream for more via DLC.
Classic is just so... Classic. Timeless.

X feels “hardcore” and “extreme” in a 90’s anime Metal way. Everything feels overproduced, from the music to the armors. Plus you’re still fighting Eddies and cartoon bats and shit with eyes which is at odds with the serious virus melodrama.

It’s good, it’s just not as good as the mainline series.