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I wouldn't even mind that one bit.

Cody is a good wrestler though, and TAM product, so I don't know how viable that would be for DJ.

Of course, I would love for DJ to get a finish by striking, but I think he'd just outwork, outwork, outwork Cody to a respectable decision.
Platinum obvious, lol. He would smash him.

I wouldn't mind him vs. the winner of Wonderboy/Masvidal.
Platinum seems like the obvious pick, but at the post fight press conference he seemed cooled down on it, and more interested in fighting higher ranked opponents.

If I recall correctly, Dana already said the winner of Lawler/RDA gets the next shot, so Till should probably ask for a fight with the winner of Thompson/Masvidal. Till has already expressed interest in fighting Wonderboy since he beat Cowboy, and I think either that fight, or Masvidal, would be dope.

Winner of Usman/Meek should be after that, and whoever is left standing fights for the title next.
Cody making 125 sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Smaller guys tend to have less headroom for weight cutting.
Yup. DJ had good reason to doubt Dillashaw's ability to make weight.

With Cody, at least the money ought to be there, it being champ versus champ after all, but Dillashaw was neither a champ, contender or a draw, and shredded as fuck as is.

I'd honestly prefer it if DJ goes up to 135 and challenges Cody for his title, I think that's more justifiable since Cody hasn't even really established himself as the champ yet, but if the fight happens, it's going to be at 125 because the UFC will want to build Cody up, not DJ (who I'd guess is probably retiring in 2-3 years, maybe sooner if he loses).
Bisping/GSP not doing great numbers so far isn't too encouraging, but I don't know anyone that doesn't wait till the day of or just before the events starts to buy the PPV.

Then again, we have no idea what kind of analytics they're looking at, so it could just be trending poorly in other metrics, which also wouldn't surprise me.
um who is syder?

I spent a good amount of time actually writing up something for the OP, hacing done a few of them in the past.. but got beat to the punch I guess.
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