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If you are looking for the Anime thread, look here: My Hero Academia Season 3

From the Magazine that gave you classics like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and every once in a while, Hunter x Hunter, comes a new, fresh take on the classic Shonen JUMP formula: My Hero Academia.

Art & Story by Kōhei Horikoshi (Oumagadoki Zoo, Barrage!)
Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, (June 2014-Ongoing)
16 Volumes published as of November 2017.
38 Anime episodes (2016-Ongoing) divided in 2 Seasons by BONES (Fullmetal Alchemist, Space Dandy), 3rd season airing now.

In a world where more than 80% of the population has a special power, commonly known as "Quirks", the title of "Heroe" have become a proper work, as they keep peace and gain popularity. Midoriya Izuku is a quirk-less teen who also dreams of becoming a Heroe just like his idol, the "Symbol of Peace" known as All Might. But without a power, this proves hard. Thankfully, he gets to meet his role model... and a true chance is given to him to realize his dream!

So why should I watch this.
The manga is a fast-paced feel good story with a heavy focus on its characters and an interesting background and setting. Even if it does feature story arcs, one goes straight to the other and sometimes there is no clear break between them, helping to its easy to read speed.

The series does offer interesting twists and turns on classic shonen tropes, so new and old fans of manga and anime alike will have something to enjoy here.

Where to read.
In the US: (New chapter almost every week)
Support your local release! Official release available in:
-United States
-(Is it available in your country? Let me know!)

Where to watch.
Subs available at Crunchyroll:
Dubs available at Funimation:

Thread rules
-Spoilers are allowed as soon as new chapter is out online, usually on Fridays.
-Don't post overly suggestive or NSFW pictures.
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Well, he can only use 100% because of Eri as a counter to stop existing, I am sure its just a window to how strong he can be, not his full potential. He still needs technique and experience.
I dont know where the series can go now that Midoriya is already using 100%. Seems way too early, 50% would have been more realistic and reasonable.
Well its more of a temporary thing. Best guess is this will for once give him a true taste of what hes really capable of. Hes not going to just keep 100% for now but its very likely he'll start using more then 8% after this. Either way, I expect a good fight this arc has been kinda lackluster in several ways so hopefully this fight really allows Deku to shine.
My hero academia was the best manga/anime discovery of the year, I am glad I gave the anime a go after snobbing the manga for so long! I got hooked from the first episode and ended up reading the manga after binge watching.

Definitely looking forward to every releases on both medium.
I still need to watch the last 2 episodes of the anime and probably cath up on like 5-10 manga chapters again. Is the Yakuza arc done yet or is it still going?
I ain't tolerating the Mineta slander.

You lot best recognise the GOAT hero now while he still on the up and up before you became bandwagoners later down the road. #GrapeJuiceGang
My wife just got me the first few Japanese volumes of this, so I'm probably gonna be bothering you guys with questions. Looks like a really neat comic, so I'm excited to dig in.