Non-US Survivor |OT| Even Maryland Has One

Oct 27, 2017
Shonee is winning this shit!
I cannot understand why Brian or others are not clinging onto Shonee/Fennella/Steve for dear life - with the maybe exception of Fen non of them have a decent case for the jury. I so want Shonee to win - just to see it :) - I can't make up mind she's either the niceest person alive or awful in real life.
Oct 25, 2017
Brian is an absolute idiot. There was NO reason to not split the vote.

At the same time, can't stand Mat and Steve's reactions on the jury. Betrayed their alliance members twice, got eliminated with an immunity idol, and they're still acting like they're the top dogs and are the poor victims of betrayal themselves.

Also, is the completely obvious winner's edit they're giving Shane supposed to be misleading or what?
Oct 25, 2017
Kitchener, ON
Australian Survivor S5 Episode 21

Glad that Shane and Sharn were able to execute their plan but I would have liked to have see them explore a further dynamic to mess with Brian's head. Namely have Sharn openly confide to Monika and the girls that she would be throwing her vote onto Shane as a defensive measure while having Shane act dumb, oblivious and loyal to Sharn when/if they brought up the idea with her. This would effectively sabotage a 2-2 vote split plan if Sharn was indeed the intended target (as they would know Shane would have 3 votes while she wouldn't be throwing her vote on Sharn) hence Brian would feel compelled to throw a 3rd vote on Sharn and they could have sniped Fenella that way.

It worked out regardless but it would have been a fun angle to see play out in all its minutiae.