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Straw Hat Pirates
Luffy | Zoro | Nami | Usopp | Sanji | Chopper | Robin | Franky | Brook | Jimbei

Straw Hat Grand Fleet (Will be 8000+ Members):
Cavendish (75) | Bartolomeo (56) | Sai (1000) | Ideo (4) | Leo (200) | Hajrudin (5) | Orlumbus (4300)

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance:


Now with the Whole Cake Island behind them even if leaving things unresolved for now with Sanji & Pudding, Big Mom, Katakuri, Jinbe & the Sun Pirates, Germa and the rest. Luffy and co completing there mission of getting Sanji back and the rubbings they make way towards there greatest threat yet that lies in Wano Kuni.

Their the Starwhat Crew and the Heart Pirates along with the Mokomo Dukedom lead by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, remnant Whitebeard Pirates lead by Marco and the Samurai Rebels of Wano lead by Momonosuke plan to do battle and liberate the country of Wano from the Yonko Kaido, the World Strongest Creature. Behind him lies his crew of three disasters and an army of 5000 artifical Devil Fruit users aided also by the current Shogun of Wano.

In hopes to win back the country and fulfilling the last wishes of Kozuki Oden to open Wano Kuni borders to the world.

But were going on a slight detour.

Instead of focusing on Luffy and his journey were headed to the top of the Red Line, to the capital of World Government for the meeting of the Kings and Queens of the World Government known as:

Here the leaders of the world will meet and discus many things from current events, pirates, to government actions that will effect the entire world not just there individual kingdoms. Here readers will see many new rulers from countries across the world like King Ham Burger of the Bollywood Kingdom. Along with seeing old faces again like recently Crowed King of Goa Sterry, Princess Vivi of Arabasta and King Neptune of the Ryugu Kingdom marking the kingdoms second appearance at the Revivre:

The Reverie only happens once every four years and this Reverie will ahve many topics for the rulers to discuss.

Like the Movement of the Yonko, over these last two years since Whitebeard death Pirates have been growing and causing more trouble and the Yonkou are no exception. From Kaido conquering the Country of Wano Kuni, to the Union of the Big Mom Pirates and Germa that nearly happened (Big Mom may just have the tech now), to the rise of Blackbeard to no name to Yonko searching the world for powerful Devil Fruits who has made an ally out of former Marine Admiral Aokiji.

"The Fifth Emperor" Monkey D Luffy has been making waves in the world, growing not only his crew strength with the Knight of the Sea Jinbe joining his ranks but his newly formed fleet spreading his influence across the New World. Strawhat Luffy is one not to underestimate having pulled of miracles at Marineford and escaping Big Moms Totto Land. Even Luffy has found friends and allies alike like Vivi and Cobra at the Reveire from his adventures that will not doubt be brought up by the despicable Wapol.

Now even outside of Strawhat Luffy, King Cobra has taken an intreats in the words of someone within his crew; "The Light of the Revolution" Nico Robin.

Cobra wishes to learn about the Ponegliffs Robin search for and what the former Kings of Arabasta did to the World, these questions drive Cobra to attend the Reveire.

Now here comes in Admiral Fujitora with a radical proposal to shake the World Governments current power:

Fujitora after being a blind witness to the events of Dressrosa wishes for the destruction of the Shikibukai system, a proposal that will probably find much support from the Kingdoms due to the Royal Shikibukais actions. From Cobra and Viv whom nearly lost there Kingdom to the Shikibukai Crocodile and BW, to King Riku Dold and family who suffered under Doflamingos rule for over 10 years until Luffy liberated them aided by King Elizabello, to even the dastardly Wapol who was thrown out of his Kingdom initially by a pirtae the World Government then made into a Shikibukai.

Even other rulers cannot be blind to the corruption and abuse of the system by Blackbeard, Law, Croc and Dolfa. Or ignore the insubordination displayed by Mihawk and Hancock during the War with Whitebeard.

And now with Vegapunks latest creation, will there be a need for them now?
What will happen to the Royal Shikibukai?

And what I imagine will be the biggest talking point of the Reverie:

8 years ago, Thalassa Lucas King of the Ilusia Kingdom warned of Dragon and the Revolutionists that if they weren't taken care of within 4-6 year span they would become a threat to the World Government. Wapol waved it off back then as not being his concern, but now the Revolutionary Army has growen to in size and in power over the years and threaten the stability of the World Government.

Even with the supposed destruction of there home base at Baltigo, when CP-0 arrived they found the base destroyed but the army was gone with the wind, knowing this the Government must continue to be weary cause just like everyone else since Whiteberads Death, people be making moves now.

Even with the destruction of there main base, the Revolutionists remain unaffected and continue to move having now relocated to Peach Island, better known as the Kamabakka Kingdom.

Dragon and Sabo plan to make the Revolutionists declaration of war against the Celestial Dragons at the Revevire. Commanders from all the four seas make there way to the Kingdom and we finally see all those weird people according to Koala:

Now Dragon heads to Mary Geoise to make there declaration of war with his Cheif of Staff Sabo, Morley, Karasu and I imagine Lindbergh and Ivankov in tow. Sabo has already infiltrated the Revevire disguised as a guard for his adopted brother Sterry.

What will happen when the Revs make there declaration?
Will fighting break out?
Will there be hostages?

The talks haven't even began and only the Princess have meet and begun bonding and there is already a scuffle with Wapol, this Revevire is shaping to be a powder keg as we all wait for it to go boom.

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But were going on a slight detour.
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The Reverie only happens once every four years and this Reverie will ahve many topics for the rulers to discuss.
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Y'all do what's needed. I'm going to bed. The least I can ask would be that the spirit of my attempt live on, at least?
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