One Piece |OT3| Undo the Future that is Kaido

What can I say about this episode besides that it was excellently directed and dynamic with the action.
The fight's spinning its wheels at this point, but the solid execution and good usage of Kata and Luffy's different fight styles makes this a must watch. I don't care much for Germa but even I have to give props to the animation during their fights.
Nakashima (Ep. Director) and Ito (Animation Director) brought their A game.

Quick fighting animation cut from Midori Matsuda showing off the size difference between Luffy and Kata.

Yong-ce Tu is also back again, too. Looks like he was paying homage to Shida with the Gear 4th startup transformation.
High-level Pirate Warriors gameplay is the closest we'll ever get to a One Piece DMC clone.
The things I would give to have a DMC like One Piece game. Wouldn't even wanna play as Luffy. Just give me the option between Sanji and Zoro and let the game go ham.
The rival fight will naturally be with each other.
So are we getting a flashback this chapter or what?

I can see some panels giving us glimpses of the past (shadowed or not) while Kin'nemon explains his shit.
  • 9 people that wield a sword
As we all know, when you think of a samurai, you think of someone who wields a sword at the very least. This chapter has Luffy agree with this mindset, that one cannot be considered as a samurai without a sword. At the very least, they should have a bladed weapon of some sort. If we go with this one, then potentially Luffy, Zoro, Law, and Brook could be a part of all of this. Then again, Kanjuro is described as being a samurai, despite his weapon being a giant paintbrush. I doubt the prophecy would exclude the retainers, so meh. At the end of the day, I guess a samurai is being used as a sort of a catch-all term. It's just that Luffy in particular takes his role-playing very seriously.

  • The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance (Luffy, Law, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Momo, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku)

Not much else to say, these are the most prominent figures of the alliance. Luffy leads the Strawhats. Law leads the Heart Pirates. The Mink Kings lead the Minks. Whereas Momo's group are basically all equally important aside from Momo himself.
I like these two the most. Could do some Gintama thing where it's about a samurai's "soul" but with Luffy straight up saying "you can't be a samurai without a katana", the first one seems more possible. But the prediction says "ghosts" and no one would really qualify as that besides the time travelers. But there are only 5 of them according to Kin. Really weird.