Playstation Plus (PS+) IGC <US/EU> [OT] The Best Things in Life are *Free

I remember Batman Telltale got a lot of flack when it came but so far Im up to episode 3 and Im really liking it.

It changes a lot of the Batman mythos but I enjoy that it does it's own thing.
Excited to try Rime, already own Knack. PS Plus been great last 6 or so months imo.

However, now that we have Knack, what is our purpose in life anymore?
Knack 2?

I agree the last few months have been great. Would like Sony to use there own releases to push PS+ Last of Us, Uncharted Collection and Bloodborne would really get the service a lot of positive press.
Yep, just logged onto my PS4 and managed to find the Knack/RiME description under PS Plus. I haven't played RiME, so I'm happy with that.

This also reminds me that I need to get back to Knack II at some point. Poor thing released alongside Destiny 2 and I neglected it shortly thereafter. :(
When I queued up before midnight at Tesco to get a PS4 on day one I had a choice of a Killzone or Knack bundle when I got to the till. My choice of Killzone has finally been justified. I feel free now.
Knack, Rime AND a SJRPG? Great month

I played the beta of Grand Kingdom and really liked, it's gonna be great to try the full game now
I quite enjoyed Knack. It felt like a complete throwback to the 3D Platform genre of the PS1 generation. Depending on the person, and likely how old you are, this could be a good or bad thing.
I love ps1-ps2 3d platformers with a passion, in fact Knack 2 is what I wanted from sony ever since the end of the ps2 gen: a new game in the vein of R&C/Jak/Sly and it was actually great

but Knack 1? nope, that's just a bad game
There many timed free PS Plus content that is hard to find and that I stumble on by chance like some DOA5 content or other which doesn't get any earlier notice sadly. This should be mentioned.
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