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So I'm playing Claire Extended Cut, since I dropped it on Pc because it was too buggy and somewhat hard, since you can die in a moment. The game is alzo a giant maze, so it doesn't help the fact when you die, reach the location you died in is simply a nightmare.
And the PS4 version to me looks exactly the same of the PC one, despite being "Extended".
First, the game is too dark. Seriously, I can't see nothing at all. They gave me a flashlight but for some reason I can't select it and I'm forced to use the lighter, despite having something like 15 batteries.
Sometimes you enter a room and there's a monster, but it's so dark you can't see it and it insta-kill you.
The game is trash, it could be good but really I don't know what they improved here since it seems the old garbage that was on PC, sometimes the character also glitch out of the map and you need to close the game and reboot it, losing hours of progress since reaching the save room is not always an easy task, played 1 hour and only found two of them.
One question about the 14 day PS Plus Trial on PSN, it gives me an option to redeem a prepaid card instead of adding a credit card, does that mean I can use one of those PSN cards to claim the free trial or is it just telling me to get a prepaid PS+ card?
One question about the 14 day PS Plus Trial on PSN, it gives me an option to redeem a prepaid card instead of adding a credit card, does that mean I can use one of those PSN cards to claim the free trial or is it just telling me to get a prepaid PS+ card?
I think from context they're talking about pre-paid bank cards, not PSN cards.
Every last Wednesday of the month, the new plus games are revealed. Every month on the Tuesday before that, someone bumps this thread prematurely, asking when they will be announced. XD
i beat its going to be one of the fucking games i bought in this week's sale. we should find out by the end of the week right (i.e. i should hold off on buying anything?) lol
My local Gamestop had The Last Guardian on a list of games I could trade in to get FC5 cheaper, but they removed it yesterday. So that is now my uninformed guess
Trackmania Turbo is short but excellent for PSVR. Technically on a Pro as good as it gets, 120 fps native and superb resolution, should still be good on a PS4 Amateur.


I guess it's worth clarifying here too, 99Vidas is not Vita only, it will be free for PS4, PS3 and Vita. Its crossbuy and crossplay across these devices

I actually did a lil bit of work in the QA for the game, and the devs are great friends. It's a cool game, hope people enjoy it :)
Definitely going to check out 99Vidas now.
Looks like In Space We Brawl is Cross-Buy on PS4 as well. Sony really should do better job informing all Cross-Buy PS4 games included in PS+.
If you’re interested in this month's free PS+ games here are some quick videos to get an idea of what they’re like, in my personal order of preference:

Trackmania Turbo:

Mad Max:

Q*bert Rebooted:


In Space We Brawl:
Thanks appreciate this, wanted to see the other ps3 games, seems like im not interested enough in them to download. Really wish they did retail again for ps3, but guess its better to spend money on ps4 ones.
Im having trouble with the psn store online on my PC. I cant redeem any free plus games cause every game page i load resets and gives me this error.

Page not found
It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect. Select [Home] to continue browsing the PlayStation™Store.

Anyone know whats up? I disabled anything that might mess with this and still nothing.

Store seems broken on firefox. Was able to load up old IE and order the games.
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Clear all cookies ** in Firefox then visit the page again. The page seems to corrupt those every now and then and is unable to fix the problem itself.
Era, I'm completely unable to sign in to the PSN store on my PC. Doesn't matter which browser I use and I tried disabling the firewall on my router.

After entering my username and password AND FILLING OUT THAT GODDAMNED CAPTCHA, I get "The connection to the server timed out."

Anyone else? USA here. And I've been able to log in to the store from this PC in the past.

I'm using this link:

edit: Doesn't work on my phone either, directly through my carrier. I assume it's a Sony outage even though their service status doesn't show it.
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I can't log into my US account anymore. All pw combinations I can think of don't work -probably because of resetting it ages ago- and of course the "Reset PW" function doesn't actually send me an email!

I stupidly used not for the account but it should still arrive SOMWEWHERE, but, nope. Nowhere on sny of my accounts and the redirects me to my when I try to log in, so emails sent there should show up as well.

I have GTA5, TLOU, Infamous:SS and The Order on that account and they don't even show up as being able to be downloaded again :(

Google search shows only people with the same problem, no solutions.

I will try live chat tomorrow, but being in the EU makes the timing awkward and people with that problem didn't receive the mail after their chats it seems.

PS: Yes it's a sorta fake account to make *cough* use of some cheap offers for digital games on Amazon US *cough*

Xcom 2
Just like with jagged alliance in days past. I just cannot deal with the overall game timer ticking down and increasing difficulty.
I cannot reach enemy positions to reduce the alpha threat because I have no contact slots available. I cannot build a comms Station because I don’t have enough power and I cannot build a power station because I am missing supplies. This is going to be tight.