Sapkowski (author of The Witcher universe) wants ~16 million USD from CD Projekt

OK.... there's a lot of responses in here that are being unequivocal about the stature of the Witcher book series prior to the games.

Can those people who are constantly claiming that the book series was worth nothing before the games please provide some details? If the license was complete junk, I ask again, why did CD Projekt Red bother to pay a fee for the licence?

Also, I'm not being emotional, it is fairly sensible that a company cannot hold someone to deal made years ago when circumstances have changed so significantly. To continue to profit from their intellectual property at huge orders of magnitude greater than the creator was remunerated for.

If we accept the deal is the deal is the deal, this puts all the power in the hands of larger companies who can afford a legal team and the ability to cheaply license anything they believe could become big.

That's not to mention, that various people in this thread have pointed out that Polish law has an accommodation for this very scenario.
Given the realities of the law itself and how the Polish court works in regards to this law. The results are usually abstract at best and conflicting at worse.
That's like saying Journey to the West isn't well known because people outside of China don't really talk about it.
Just because you've never seen it discussed or referenced doesn't mean it wasn't popular. You simply never saw it.
Actually thanks to the many Japanese adaptations, it is well known outside China. "Monkey" (Saiyūki's bbc localisation) especially was very popular. I dunno if I like that or the hong kong TVB series more tbh
Hard to say when we can't actually look at the contract, but coming now after all these years to ask for this makes me feel like he wants to get some free cash he doesn't deserve.
He deserved He is the creator sadly for Him that He makes a mistake thinking the video game was going to flop.
If you haven't read them then how would you know?
If you are now defending the artistic merit of your favourite book series, let it be known that I am not interested in that discussion either way.

I am merely pointing out that many things in life can lead to lawsuits, and that there is much less than one expects because of good will. But destroying that good will means suddenly, lawyers show up in places where you don't expect. If you want to argue about legal technicalities, then two can play that game. Once the lawsuits start flying, it wouldn't fly from just one direction.
At the surface of it this lawsuit doesn't make any sense and has no legs to stand on, until unless the deal actually was only for first game. Let's see.
God, this thread is frustrating to read.
He made a deal and now he has to live with it. If the Witcher flopped, do you think CDP could have gone back and said"It didn't work, give us some money back"?
Course not. That's not how the world woul works