Sony as a Publisher is on a roll and this is probably their best year. What changed?

Bring back Warhawk for the PS5 Sony! If they launched it as a F2P game it would be amazing! That game is seriously underrated as a MP game.

Anyways, this gen they’ve continued on from their success towards the end of the PS3 gen. Sure, they’ve hit a few duds but the most important thing I see them try is to have a wide range of diversity of games and are not afraid to allow their studios the freedom to explore new franchises.

Long may it continue.
Sony should just bring a lot of their unused IP to VR. Not only VR games didn't have expectation for AAA graphic fidelity, so they cost cheaper to make than AAA games. Their audience are hungry for meatier VR games and they're more open minded to try games in various genres.

Warhawk VR, Ape Escape VR, Jumping Flash VR, Omega Boost VR.

Hell, give me Twisted Metal VR as well. The ability to decouple your head view to aim weapons from driving the car would be welcome addition to Twisted Metal imo, you no longer have to line up enemy's car to the front of your car to shoot them.
They’ve had better runs than this.
Facts. The PS2 era was really the time where it all started. I mean in the PS1 you had Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, etc but it was a whole lot of 3rd Parties as well.

With the PS2, that's where a lot of the output from 1st Party was beginning to show with games like:
Jak & Daxter
God Of War
Twisted Metal Black
and Shadow Of The Colossus
Ratchet & Clank
Sly Cooper
Mark Of Kri
Dark Cloud
The Getaway

And so many more

That era was really the foundation period and it kept expanding ever since.
The games finally came out lol. We’ll probably say the same thing if Days Gone, Death Stranding, & The Last of Us Part II comes out in the same year.
In terms of commercial success, yeah this year is probably one of their most successful where first-party titles are concerned.

But in terms of well-recieved exclusives, Sony were pumping out quality titles as far back as the PS1 days. Those games just tend to get overlooked because, apart from Gran Turismo, they didn't define the system nearly as much as the big third-party franchises like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider did.
Sony's first party publishing efforts have always been strong and they've put enough investment and care into ensuring strong and organic growth into their studios - instead of trying to expand them too quickly - while fostering an excellent culture of cooperation and knowledge/tech sharing among the first party dev house amd exclusive third party studios.

They've also made some regrettable, albeit necessary decisions to close some studios that were underperforming in order to trim the fat and elevate the profile of the rest.

Their studio management is top notch, they understand games development and they focus on their core strengths as a publisher. That's why they're more successful than ever.
Luck i guess.
They did had misses in the start of the gen. Order, Driveclub, Vita 1st party games in general.
Driveclub was not a miss - it sold well unfortunately it had online/technical issues at launch that impacted the reviews. (sorry its my all time fav racer! I am very defensive of it.)
Do you remember that there were more games than those you mentioned? Smell here "no gamez" meme.
Yeah like I said a fan base willing to put up with mediocrity. Imo the games I mentioned...those were the only games worth playing at the time. (Even had to download DCU ONLINE again) Remember how we had to sit through remasters? What changed with Sony is it took time for these games to be made, for these studios to grow and finally release their games. They were staggered perfectly once they released.
You should really add 20 or perhaps 30 points to Detroit's score. It's farcical how every time we have to hear a wisened journalist speak about anything these days they bash David Cage. How can he get a fair shake? He can't! Detroit 108. Sad!
Luck i guess.
They did had misses in the start of the gen. Order, Driveclub, Vita 1st party games in general.
Driveclub was great. And their output has been pretty solid throughout the gen with Bloodborne/Uncharted etc. PS3 was fantastic too. Not sure what OP means by what changed. They just had more hits at one small time frame I suppose, but I always felt their output was pretty strong overall.
Luck i guess.
They did had misses in the start of the gen. Order, Driveclub, Vita 1st party games in general.
Even their misses are popular enough among a lot of people. DC especially.

Also, to me this topic is incoherent. Sony has literally been on a roll for years. You don't just start doing well in 2018 with 80m consoles lol. I mean if you are going back to the start of PS3 gen lol. But that's like a decade ago.
Luck i guess.
They did had misses in the start of the gen. Order, Driveclub, Vita 1st party games in general.
DriveClub is unarguably one of the best racing games of all time. It had a bit of a rough start with the online portion but they fixed that and polished the game to near perfection (great DLC model helped too).