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Just wish there was a good TLJ Luke figure that didn't have a solid plastic robe so I could actually pose him.
Yeah, hopefully we get a great Luke figure sooner than than later. Hasbro hadn't started using the new face printing tech with the early TLJ waves, so I've been holding out for a better version of him as well. I don't think the likeness on the current figure is particularly good.


Thanks for the OT suggestions all. It appears we have a winner.
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I know I've been a broken record asking about this for a year, but does anyone know when the Aphra figure is being released to retail?
I think the 3.75 inch figure's already out in some parts of the US, though I'm going by what I've seen online. The store I usually buy from here in the UK says they're coming this month. 6 inch is next year.