Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition |OT2| Street Fighter Has Come Home


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All images are in-game except for Kolin and Sakura, which are concept art.
Shoutouts to:
All the crazy people in the SFV AEra Discord
And obviously Capcom!
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Love the thread title! Absolutely delighted for ProblemX, he did us Brits proud.

Watching the final was so intensely nerve wracking, I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. Great finale to a great tournament.
What is happening in the new character reveal thread? Is it... positivity? About SF5? No whining, no "they should be free", no nagging about animations "looks stiff to me"?
Is it a Christmas miracle?

(I already hate Sagat with passion. Hopefully Kolin can flake him to death, but it looks unlikely).
According to the JP website, G is... a youtuber (footuber)? And he's in some kind of "let's enter a fighting game tournament" challenge for views? Okay then.

^Eh, could be so much worse.
I wouldn't be surprised if in the end, we don't learn anything about G's real identity or links to Q. After all, the whole point of Q is "he's a mystery and we're not going to say anything about him", so the best thing to do is to do the same with G. "Is he the same guy or not? Myyyyysteryyyyy!"

I didn't care for G in the reveal, but the reveal looks really good. Q+Suija's bubble is a combination I didn't know I wanted.
I also love that Capcom is the only company that keeps adding weirdo characters like it was the 90s. When all the other fighting games try to attract players with a gallery of "cool" and beautiful people or improbable crossovers, SF5 has FANG, Abi and G. Keep fighting the good fight Capcom.
G looks stupid, and his story is aggressively stupid, but he looks like a pretty awesome character to actually play. His Q cosplay at least makes him look cool in battle too.
Holy shit, I was just looking through the Eventhubs comments section (my first mistake) and the animation complaints are back, baby. Street Fighter V has some truly spectacular animations and both G and Sagat look fantastic. It is incredible how deep the talons of this meme have sunk themselves into this community.

Thankfully, people are so hyped by the double announcement that they are shutting this shit down more often. More people seem to be calling it out.

I honestly wonder if it isn't NRS fans attempting to muddy the water and destabilize the argument around animations. I know that is crazy conspiratorial talk, but a part of me suspects that it could be true.
First character this season where I was outright wowed by the animations from the getgo. He has none of the weirdness that Sak or especial Falke and Cody suffer from. Key posing is sharp, motion is fluid, and that magma effect... *chef kiss*.

G was clearly designed with the same love that S2 was. He even has a fluid and consistent winpose with no awkward motion like Cody has.

Edit: Can somebody link a direct source for his theme? Can't hear it on mobile. Though I loved the beat to the trailer theme so I already know his theme won't be as good.
I leave work at 1pm ET and go to bed at 8pm. Capcom really couldn't have fucked me over less here lol.
His tiger is super fucking roided (and does look like shit unfortunately, like ZG noted), but I love how Nostalgia Sagat is slimmer and closer to his IRL proportions like in SFII.

Btw is it just me or do Sagat's anims look ripped from SFIV? Like it looks 1:1 with slightly more fluidity.
Both of these characters have wiped the shit-stain that is Falke and the blandness that is Cody from my memory. Based. Simply based. What wonderful additions these two are; they fit nicely next to Blanka in terms of pure quality this season.

The only thing I need is
Sagat looks to be an answer to Guile's sonic boom. He recovered fast enough to do an EX Tiger after a regular. And then there is Old Saga VT1

But that creates another problem trying to fight Sagat.
G looks more technical than I was expecting, but I can't wait to try him out. New main for sure.

Sagat looks like Sagat. If I had one complaint, its that I'm not really impressed with Sagats costumes. Was hoping for something a bit more wild (give my mans a beard yo. you did it for Ryu, why not Sagat?)
If I buy a single character with real money, do I also get the costumes and colors, or is it only for people who own the Season Pass?

I'd buy G and save fight money for Sagat if so. Sagat's main costume looks so dope that I don't need the rest.
Title should have been Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition |OT2| Finally, Someone Let Me Out of My caGe.

If I buy a single character with real money, do I also get the costumes and colors, or is it only for people who own the Season Pass?
I think there's options to buy just the character by themself or to buy them with the costume and colors.