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I just found out Shaheen from Tekken exists. Is it a coincidence that the two biggest fighting games just happen to have a Middle Eastern newcomer?
Ono and Harada talk, obviously that don't mean too much anymore because ono hasn't been the head of the fighting game devision for like a year now. But even back in SF4 iirc the reason that bob or rufus exists is because one of them saw one of them and did the other one. And I even think in the case of shaheen they talked about harada talking to him about creating a character from that area of the world. It was really cool that the guys in charge of capcom and namco fighting games were seemingly best friends. Thats' kinda gone now though, its monster hunter man now.
Shaheen and Rashid are nice additions to their respective games. It might be a coincidence, but who knows. I think KOF got a Saudi Arabian character as well.

Also, I sent the dojo request thing. Not sure what this is, but getting a free, customizable stage is nice.
Your story reminds me of something that happened to me.

Way back in 2008 I played with this random dude on my squad in Bad Company 1. We friended each other and played a few FPS games from 08-10. Then I never really heard from him again. Just another friend on my list I'd see pop up every now and then. Jump to early this year and the guy sees me on SFV and sends "u wanna try? or are u a scared rookie?". I'm like "sure"

He's like silver something and I just easily beat him. I don't teabag or anything, just quick matches. I send him the "gg, man. I got some tips for your birdie" and he goes fucking OFF on me. "no wonder u diamond, u play like a Pussy"

I hit him with the "its called spacing. it beats scrubs easily"

That set him off even more. Calling me slur after slur. I was like "dude chill wtf?!" lol, fucking people, man.
I would waste a shameful amount of my 1.5m FM to get SF2's lean Bison, and this is coming from someone who didn't fall for Capcom's lootboxes and only spent Extra Battle tokens on them.
Crossing fingers that it becomes a Nostalgia alt and they leave the cape on default Bison for fighting chance, though.
I miss when Street Fighter characters had a little bit more variation in terms of their physiques beyond the super swollen meatheads > obscenely giant super swollen meatheads of SFV.
I'm salty. I'm sure if anyone replies it's gonna be "lol got them with my one freebie" but I'm having the worst luck now with Fighting Chance. Between Balrog and Vega's I've spent like 50k fight money and nothing. Cammy and Sagat maybe spent 15k. Ive all the cast around level 25 so grinding for FM is a slog. I've been doing extreme survival mainly.
Not all of the characters were as chunky as Ken or Ryu. Sagat was tall and gangly, Vega was also much more slender and athletic looking and there was about 50% less Bison than we have now.
You're talking about SFII ? Because everybody became buff as hell in the Alpha / Zero version (even the feet got bigger lol).
Normal difficulty gold soldier this week in Extra Battle, 1000 FM per try, three tries for 5000 FM each.

Wish I understood earlier that the idea is to use the ground HK Eagle Spike rather than the forward jump one, I probably wouldn't have screwed up fighting that Very Hard FM challenge last month.
Sagat and Bison were both extraordinarily large in the last 2D SF games they appeared in. Very bad examples.
I said, "I miss when". Implying that I'm talking about a time when the characters being a different size was the case. You know, in the past. Street Fighter II. Various Vs games. There was an example proceeding my post .

Not sure what it is you're having difficulty with.