Super Best Friends |OT| The Space Traitor ERA

I want to know: is there a good side to Crazy Talk?

Like, could you state something that you didn't want to happen, and then reality changes itself so that the thing you wanted to happen happens?

Has that ever happened ?
I was bitching about that DMC4 air grab 5x without landing mission that is completely luck based. Failed 5 times in a row but somehow got it while doing nothing different. At least I still got an A rank.
Maybe I misremember which one that is but I think you just air grab then enemy step and repeat.

Or something like that, I don't think I've ever got all the blue orbs in 4
What a great episode of "Best Friends Play: We forgot to cut 2 minutes of dead air 3: Dante's Awakening".
I love it cuz it's so aggressively them and they haven't made a mistake like that in a bit. It's kinda like meeting an old friend you haven't seen in a while and having a chat.

Like remember when the Garbage Mountain™ conversation was left in one of the Last of Us LP eps?
Are there any Lucky Ted stickers? Or merch in general?

It became a joke in the Pokemon Go group Glitches and I are in that my tablet is lucky ted due to the number of shinies and legendaries it gets vs my phone and his phone (I made a trainer club account the day the game dropped...then used my Google account on my phone, and now use the trainer account on the tablet).

They don't even watch sbf, know what Lucky Ted is, but they know my tablet is lucky.

It also keeps putting my GPS away from my house, to a dairy queen, and got me a Hitmonchan while I was writing this.
Currently rewatching the Dead by Daylight video.

When I first saw this video a couple years ago, I knew nothing about DbD. Now that I am well-versed in the game, every little thing is making me nuts lol.
I like that Pat full stopped, gave him a chance to run it back, and Woolie just doubled down and even started to say "Dante and Vergil are the ones--" before he was like. "Oh, penis."

And this whole thing happened right after Jester was going on and on about giant penis towers.