The PC Builders Thread ("I Need a New PC") v2

Should I be worried about my RTX 2080 constantly hovering around 80-82 when playing at max load? My room is getting insanely hot...
Is undervolting an option for RTX cards? I haven't seen anything about it yet, but if you can lower the voltage a bit, it'd probably help with temps a little.

Even if they are cables from the same manufacturer (Corsair) and listed as compatible with the series/model of PSU that I have (HXi Platinum)?
Ah I see. Yeah, if you're buying custom cables specifically designed/compatible with your PSU, then you can be in good shape. Just ensure they're 100% compatible and you aren't buying the wrong ones.

Ok if anyone wants to chime in with any suggestions that would be great!

Looking for a pre-built computer: would like to keep it under 1,000 if possible. I'm interested in emulating old games, up to PS2 and Gamecube if possible, and playing games that aren't easy to play on console: sim, building, etc. I may want to play more demanding games if the PC can handle it! I would need a keyboard and mouse, and I plan on hooking it up to my TV.

Thanks again if anyone can recommend something :)
If you're near a Micro Center, their PowerSpec line tends to be very reasonably priced for pre-builts. Otherwise, I'm unfortunately not very familiar with good pre-builts.

Thinking about the ASRock z370 taichi for my next build. Never used an ASRock MB before. Any experiences?
I had an ASRock P67 Pro3 with my 2500k and it worked very well for about 6 years before I sold it. No complaints there. I've been using an ASRock X399M Taichi for about two weeks now and it has worked flawlessly as well, albeit that's a short amount of time to test it.