The Switch/Nintendo really needs an achievement/trophy system

I've thought about this before in the past, but with Mega Man 11 coming out and being multiplatform, the lack of an achievement/trophy system for the Switch (or any Nintendo system) has really popped back to the front of my mind. I'm not a hardcore achievement hunter by any stretch, but I really enjoy trying to get as many as I possibly can, even going out of my way in a few games, like Bloodborne and God of War, to get Platinum or all achivements. Its true that you don't really get much for doing it, but its a genius idea that helps add replay value and push you to do things you might not have done otherwise in a game, helping to extend its value.

All of this is why I find it so baffling that Nintendo hasn't developed their own achievement/trophy system yet. Nintendo is notorious for being late to adopt to ideas that are basically standard by that point, but this is one standard I don't understand why they haven't intergrated into the Switch yet. Developers are basically already used to making these things for games on other systems, and some games on Switch even have their own version of achievements built into the game (Like Mega Man X Anniversary Collection), so this really shouldn't be an issue on the developers side. Having trophies built into a game is an ok workaround, but part of the fun with trophies is comparing how much you've done compared to a friend or trying to up them, and you really need a centralized system for that. For me, the lack of a trophy system has actually made me pass on Switch version of multiplatform titles that I might have bought otherwise, like I might do once again with Mega Man 11.

Basically, the ball is in Nintendo 's court on this one. They are already behind the crowd when to more crucial things, like online and voice chat, but adding something like this would be a step in the right direction. As trivial as trophies/achievements may seem, having a centralized system tied to your account like Sony and Microsoft could go a long way to helping Nintendo catch up to some standards that their competitors have been doing for years, and even possibly help with sales on multiplatform titles.

Anyone else feel similarly about this?
They should as a matter of parity I think, but I think they have much worse issues in need of address.

That said, none of this is mutually exclusive, so why not.
theres like hundreds of games already released for switch, they aren't going to add it late, too much confusion

i wish it had achivements too =/
I don't really care either way personally. As long as there is an option to hide the notification, it would be a welcome addition for many I'm sure.
theres like hundreds of games already released for switch, they aren't going to add it late, too much confusion

i wish it had achivements too =/
They don't have to. Newer games can add them while Nintendo can add them to the selective older ones if they choose like Sony did back in the PS3 days.
Meh, only if it's the Steam approach of "do what you want". Those forced numbers of achievements on PS and XB games just get silly. Some games don't have enough achievable tasks so they add filler nonsense, other games have more than they are allowed to enter into the system so they resort to in-game achievements where only some of them actually grant system level achievements.
Agreed. It's why I still rather play games on my Vita than on Switch. Something about not having trophies makes it feel wrong.
Ehh, would be nice but I've come to prefer the in-game achievement list that actually unlocks game things. I think it started as a reaction/companion to system achievements, but I don't really care about trophies for trophies sake.
I don't particularly care about trophies anymore, but yes absolutely. There's literally no reason for its exclusion and it's just one less feature the Switch has compared to other platforms.

And it's not too late. PS3 was late to the party but they added them in in relatively short order.
‘Catching up to some standards’ would imply that it’s a benefit rather than a complete waste of dev time. I appreciate some love them but personally I think it’s the latter, I’d rather the time was spent working on the actual game rather than inconsequential digital trinkets for collectors. As to sales, really, where a version is relatively similar I can see why someone might use their preference for achievements/trophies to decide between a PS4/XBO edition, but considering how inconsequential it is compared to various other pros/cons raised for discussion with Switch editions (higher price, portability, weaker this,that and the other etc) I cant believe that lack of trophies would significantly affect multiplat sales to any great degree.
I agree with you, but at this point I only care to focus on PS trophies (I don't have the time to try for achievements outside that ecosystem). However, if I was just starting out it would be a much bigger deal for me.
Literally doesn't matter. Some games have ingame trophy lists (like Hollow Knight) and for me, that's good enough. Don't need another bar filling up with mostly worthless info.
Personally couldn't care less but there are people who do so why not? It's not like they're mandatory so those of us who don't care continue not caring and those who do get an added bonus.
I mean... isn't overcoming the challenge the reward in and of itself? Why do you need a virtual trophy to validate your fun?
If Nintendo could give the player a reward for achieving something -- be it a theme, avatar, or even 10 Gold Coins, then I'd be in favor of it.
Personally, I don't care much about trophies nowadays but it would be cool to have a system like this. Especially if Nintendo went beyond and made achievements more worthwhile (100% a game and receive Gold Coins in your eShop account, exclusive wallpaper etc.)
It's not going to put me off from buying Switch exclusives but it will contribute to me buying multiplats on Xbox One or Vita. I don't need achievements to play a game but I like the record they leave, showing me what I played when and what I did in the game.
Nintendo is so far behind with their ecosystem, that seemingly changes direction every few years, they might as well not even bother. Amazing that we are still asking for/talking about such a basic feature in 2018.
I have never felt the need to hunt for digital trophies or inflate a score. It’s just not fun for me in the slightest and there are times I think (mostly multiplayer) games can be hurt by including them. I’m sure they’re fine for most single player games but back in the day I hated squadding up with some rando trying to get achievements rather than win a match of Halo 3 or something. I base my purchase decisions on which platform I’ll have the most fun playing it on rather than which one offers trophies. I don’t care if they ever come to Switch. I can see the appeal there for you folks though. They certainly don’t hurt single player games in my experience.
It definitely wouldn't hurt things and they do have milestones for three of their four mobile titles (AC, FE:H, SMR) already, but I also enjoy not having to worry about stupid as fuck participation awards popping onto the screen because I did a thing in one of my hobbies.
No - achievements destroy the focus on the actual game and often makes you do boring grindy activities

Nintendo is right to skip them
As long as they have a time tracker I'm okay with that. Though I think it would be great if they put a little star next to your Games List in your profile for any game you've completed. But other than that, I just don't care about trophies/achievements like I used to but if they added them I would not oppose them.
I used to really care about achievements but now I just want to enjoy the games. If you really REALLY want to do everything in the game, a lot of 3rd party games that are on the switch have an internal achievement system.
id take sending messages directly to friends first honestly.....such basic online functionality is still missing
This is true. Really, there's a fucking long list of things Nintendo needs to do to catch the goddamn PlayStation 3. An achievement systemis something they should implement, but yes there's other things to prioritise.
I could give less of a shit about achievements/trophies, but yea, it would be nice to have some form of support form them on the switch.
Another one of these huh. Obviously it doesn't NEED them as sales have shown.

Im the opposite of the example of your OP. I got valkyria chronicals 4 on switch BECAUSE there is no achievement system. I'm a bit OCD, and when I feel done with the game I can drop it without the pang of regret of seeing im 69% complete, whatever the hell that means. As others have said, some requirements require you to play the game in unnatural ways and take away from the experience. Or replay entire games unless you knew before hand to save scum. Is that a metal game that's fun for people? So they can feed arbitrary number?

Obviously, the existence of trophies hurts no one except silly people like me. But trophies themeselves are meaningless and give you nothing so I feel the pointlessness goes both ways.
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No - achievements destroy the focus on the actual game and often makes you do boring grindy activities

Nintendo is right to skip them
This is why Ive been against Nintendo adding them, but if they’re gonna do shit like Toadette’s post game moons in Odyssey, they might as well.

Although those give actual in game rewards so they’re still better than normal achievements so whatever
Even when I'm not going after achievements/trophies they're neat to look back on to see what you were playing a decade ago and specifically how far you got.

More data is better data.

No - achievements destroy the focus on the actual game and often makes you do boring grindy activities

Nintendo is right to skip them
Turn off the notifications and BAM, you're golden.