The Switch/Nintendo really needs an achievement/trophy system

I honestly don't care to start collecting trophies on a new account.

I'll keep buying all third party titles on playstation because that's where I already have 50+ platinums. I don't want to start over.
I can see adding achievements to BotW would have a lot of downsides, since it would basically change the whole game. It would steer players to do or discover specific things, rather than to allow the player to create their own adventure. Even if it's optional, just having the achievement there is a statement from the developers on what's "important" in the game.
They could show you after finished the game the first time
Achievements or trophies are essentially just extra gameplay challenges that the developers themselves have fine tuned or thought up. They can be ignored if you want, but at the same time they can offer some added reward to what can be fun and interesting gameplay challenges, often times stuff you'd never even think of otherwise doing, or even knew was possible. I personally think trophies/achievements would be incredibly well suited to Nintendo games, where stuff like BotW is such a sandbox that so many creative trophies could be thought up.
I don't know how to ask this without sounding like a dick, so sorry, but do your friends enjoy sitting through that?
No it was 2 different things, I like looking over my list for teh memoriez of what I played while the friend thing would be so like-minded people on my Switch friend list could see the Accomplishments if they wished to compare and compete with.
Man some of the posts in here are embarrassing.

You would quit gaming? Why not add ads? E penises? It would take away from development time? It can be cheated?

I love Nintendo too but you guys need to take a step back from the defense force sometimes.
No - achievements destroy the focus on the actual game and often makes you do boring grindy activities

Nintendo is right to skip them
Have no problem focusing on games i have yet to platinum/1000g on any PS3-PS4-360-X1 since they released. Achievements/Trophies are great for people who like them and for people like me they mean nothing.

They literally hurt nobody.
I don't know how to ask this without sounding like a dick, so sorry, but do your friends enjoy sitting through that?
Not OP, but I also like browsing through my friends trophies/comparing them to mine on PSN. It’s sort of cool to see what everyone did when they played through a game or how much time people put in. I’m not friends with trophy hunters so you can easily tell which games people liked more or what cool stuff they discovered.
no it doesnt, that feature is just a time extending placebo / glorified check list. specially those that are like "do this random non nonsensical action X times"
my dream was getting my first trophy on a Nintendo console playing breath of the wild T_T

but yeah ppl said it "i dont care, we dont need it" and yet everyone on the ps3 era say the same thing and thank god that change it.
The lack of this made me not play BotW as much as I could have. Achievements aren't mainly for bragging, they are mainly for giving you something to do. And in BotW it would have been a good way to help you complete the game fully.
Need? Nah. Should be offered as an option? Sure.

Personally I don’t care enough about achievements/trophies, but I can see why some folks like it. I only like dumb or funny ones. Like in Sleeping Dogs where you need to beat someone in the face with a fish.
I never really cared for achievements, and I always found in-system Achievement notifications the height of distraction from being immersed.
Why do people think trophy hunters care about bragging?

I don't give a shit what you think about me or my trophies, I collect them because I find it fun.

That being said, no, Nintendo games don't need trophies or achievements.
Just like I don't need to buy Nintendo games.
The first thing I do with a new console is to turn off every immersion breaking notifications, especially trophies/achievements... I just have zero interest in them.
They could show you after finished the game the first time
Hasn’t Metroid essentially always done this, listing %collectibles found, time completed and offering a different image depending on how you did, and challenging you to beat it? “See you next mission!” :D
The lack of this made me not play BotW as much as I could have. Achievements aren't mainly for bragging, they are mainly for giving you something to do. And in BotW it would have been a good way to help you complete the game fully.
Fully agree. As a mainly Switch gamer coming from the PS ecosystem I have some mixed feelings about this. I use trophies mainly as a guideposts when I'm looking to 100% a game. Since I don't usually 100% all games I play this is not such a big issue for me. However, the exception for me are JRPGs. I absolutely love digging into a JRPG I am fond of and making sure I see and do everything that there is to whichever one I am playing while at the same time avoiding an online 100% walkthrough guide as much as possible.

If it hadn't been for trophies, I would have never been able to fully complete P4G, FFX and FFX-2 on my Vita. Most of the trophies were quite well integrated into the games (except the 'avoid lightning 100 times', 'chocobo racing with 0 seconds' and the 'Risette fan' ones, fuck those), and getting the platinum felt incredibly satisfying.

And with FFXII coming to Switch, as incredibly excited as I am for the game, I dread the thought of having to play it with a walkthrough if I want to see everything the game has to offer.

As an aside: I've seen some games implement their own 'Achievements'/'Milestones' systems within the game. Hyper Light Drifter and Sine Mora EX come to mind. They will unlock and you can view them on a separate menu. Perhaps this is the best we can get for now. But it is fully dependant on the game's publisher. smh
No not really, I do not need a system to tell me whether I am having fun or have achieved anything.
And for people who needs this, good for you, but I couldn'd care less. Instead of requiring me to turn these useless system off, have it off as default.
Please, no. Most of the people I know that care about achievements/trophies, "hunters" if you will, play most games for the sake of it, sometimes even literally forcing themselves to play a game they otherwise don't enjoy at all. And that's the last thing on my mind when I think of Nintendo. They're about fun games, not arbitrary achievements.

That being sad, technically Nintendo already did a form of that with Super Mario 3D World's Stamps (not sure if they did it before or after since), which I found much more amusing than useless achievement/trophy like "do X for Y amount of time" or whatever.
If a game needs trophies in order for me to enjoy it, it’s already failed.

I can see why they’re a nice plus for people but I don’t think they are integral or a MUST.
Agreed. I often choose games on non-Nintendo platforms mainly because of this. Also, it's a change that literally no-one can be against, since those who don't care about it could just ignore it.
It should be an option as there is a lot of people who like trophies. But they have an option to turn them off completely for the ones who don't like them.

For me it's the difference in getting the game for PS4 or Switch and the PS4 wins 100% of the time.

My favourite game is Okami and I considered getting it on the Switch but since I got the platinum on PS3 I no real incentive to repurchase it.
Yeah, and I do that but;

1. I don't trust Nintendo to include such an option if they were to ever implement their version of achievements
2. It's still listed somewhere, and then I can't help but see "10/25 achievements" when navigating menus, and it just gives the completionist part of me a slap in the face. Makes it feel like anything less than 100% all achievement collection is somehow not sufficient. I haven't 100%'d this game unless I visited the in-game store on christmas, or found this random easter egg etc. It just bugs me as a concept. I wish there was a way to completely disable achievements for a given account on everything. would rather have 0 achievements than "some"
About 1, Nintendo do let you disable friends notifications on the Switch, so i think they easily could have added such option to other notifications as well.

About 2, i understand. I was only going by what you said earlier, that the pop up/notification took you out of the experience, so i just wanted to say that theres easy to fix this :)

How do you personally go about games that have some sort of in-game trophies by the way? Games like Zelda that as a completion percentage shown for the save game, and Smash Bros that has hundreds of different trophies. Do you feel that its a slap in your face seeing if you havnt completed everything in those games?

I used to feel a bit the same regarding wanting to get 100% in all games, thinking if would be nice to look through the list and have 100% on all games, but now i dont really care about it. I figured that it simply wasnt a feasable goal for me. Going for 100% in every game that i want to play would take too much time, and some trophies might be too hard for me to get. Hell, i own many games that i havnt even played (and some games that i probably will end up never playing as well).

Trophies are essentially just optional challenges that the developers add for the players in an attempt to try to make the game more fun. Some developers add this to the game itself. The developers could also have added such challenges via social media, encouraging people to beat their games on the hardest difficulty level or within a certain amount of time for example, but i wouldnt feel that i need to do these things to 100% a game.

I wouldnt be against an option to disable the whole trophy/achievement system for those who want that. But as mentioned, some developers adds these challenges to their game regardless, so one would still encounter them from time to time. What i like about it being on a OS level is that it basically turns into a log that keeps track of every challenge that you've completed.

Lacking achievements is actually a positive feature of Nintendo systems for me. I don't want that kind of thinking to permeate game design decisions on any level whatsoever.

And knowing Nintendo, they would probably implement trophies in some shoddy manner that manages to upset everyone.
I dont think theres many games that gets their design dicatated by the inclusion of an achievement system. I think these things are added on later on. Take a look at this for example: | People are adding achievements to old games, its no problem.

Some Nintendo games have some built in achievement system as well. Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS had nearly 700 trophies at launch for example. Do you think that the game was designed differently in a worse way because of this inclusion? If so, how do you think the game would be differently if they didnt include the trophies?

I also dont think theres too many ways to fuck up such as system. The only thing i can think of is locking such system to the console itself, but its no way that Nintendo would do that in this day and age.
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I like trophies. I don't 100% games (the only ones I have are Resident Evil 5 many moons ago, LEGO Dimensions and Spider-Man last night) but I like that it gives me incentive to continue playing if I really like the game.

I also like that they take screenshots automatically so I can look through those occasionally. I know you can do that manually easily enough with the Switch but I always forget to.

I do turn the notifications off, though, because they are very distracting. Especially when playing a narrative based game and they pop in the middle of a cut scene.
Achievements make me enjoy a game less. Even if I try to pay no attention to them, if my trophy percentage is "not great" after finishing a game and feeling quite contempt, I get a feeling that I should have done more. That I didn't play the game well enough. That I was bad at it. I no this is not very reasonable, but it's still how I feel.

And that's why I'm glad there are no trophies in Nintendo games.
I have been saying this since it launched. I would have bought many many more games if they had some sort of trophies/achievements on a system account level. Instead, I’ve only played two games since I bought it at launch and they’ve lost my business since.

And I only played those two because they were essential regardless of achievements (Mario and Zelda). That doesn’t mean achievements wouldnt have made them even better either. It’s also the reason I didn’t bother doing anything extra in them other than finishing the game. What’s the point if there’s no accolade or reward tied to it? However meaningless it may be to some people. Even if it’s just achievements I at least would have known I accomplished this or that I’m my profile of that game. Instead it’ll just be forgotten about with no digital footprint and lost.

Like I can see my profile of Horizon Zero Dawn or Dragon’s Dogma and see I did everything in it which is cool when you enjoy it and it’s a great game to get everything on. Oh Nintendo. It’s 2018 not 1998.
I personally do not want an achievement system on the Switch but I can understand that a lot of people do. I was really into Achievements back on the 360 and personally, I find it encourages me to do/play things in an unhealthy manner. Nowadays I try not to look at Achievement/Trophy lists and play on the merits of a game. As good as God of War was, I have no interest in finding Ravens for a meaningless trophy.
Hasn’t Metroid essentially always done this, listing %collectibles found, time completed and offering a different image depending on how you did, and challenging you to beat it? “See you next mission!” :D
The 2D ones yes, the 3D no : iirc, they have a % counter already in the first run.
Thinking about It now, BOTW have a % system unlocked after finishing the game the first time. Is a bit dispersivr, but you Can see the % of map explored, and the number of mission completed/total. You don't have a special item/equipment unlocked counter.
I honestly would buy more games on the platform if they had a universal system and had public profiles. I enjoy a record of what I play and achievements do this. I hate their current nurfed activity log as well. Getting a real one like the 3DS I could overlook something like an achievement system.

If Nintendo did it smartly.. put a Nintendo spin on it but kept the basic function I think many people who say they dont care could be pulled into at least enjoying generally hunting for them.
Yeah this man speaks the truth
I love achievements. But they don’t make or break my decision to buy a game, and I don’t look through a games achievement list until after im done the game. But achievements do determine where I buy my multiplatform games.

I always buy on Steam when I can because of it, even though they’re even more pointless on there, but I love decking out my Steam profile however I can.

I enjoy the extra challenge and motivation to keep playing. Some people in this thread are acting like achievements somehow tell you how to play. If you don’t like them just ignore them or turn notifications off?
The only time I care about "achievements" is when they're challenges that actually give me in-game rewards. That's disappointingly rare though, and doesn't require a system-wide thing.

Stuff like the older Uncharted games, or Metroid Prime 3.
Not having trophies/achievments is one of the best things with the Nintendo systems as it makes me play the game and not spend time in guides just to not miss anything. I cant resist doing trophies on my ps4>.<
Nahh. They were cool for about a year in 2006/2007. Just adding a PS/Xbox style list would be boring. They could so something more creative though.
My take regarding achievement / trophy system is that it is actually developers who benefits from it. Implementing it would take same effort, sure, but in return they can statistically measure how much gamers have progressed, or what they have focused on collecting and completing items and such (so in that regard, developers would want games to play games as if achievements don't exist).
I won't be surprised if MS or Sony provides statistical data, like co-relationship between trophy complete percentage and genre, as the feedback data to developers. If this helps developers to be more efficient about next game they'd develop then I'm okay with that.

That being said, if progress feedback is available for switch in some form, then I personally do not care if it is universal achievement system or not.
No - achievements destroy the focus on the actual game and often makes you do boring grindy activities

Nintendo is right to skip them
Not really, depends on the game. Nintendo could implement them in a natural way to their games without making it grindy. But it's true that they add replay value.
Btw, Nintendo has already pattented an achievement system, could be implemented in their next system, just saying.