The Switch/Nintendo really needs an achievement/trophy system

Achievements/trophies gives a sense of progress.
I am current playing TLOUS on PS4 and the trophy list is strange, I think the first trophy I will win is when I finish the game. And playing the game (that it is superb) without them I conclude how nice trophies are. Who dont need to platinum every game to have joy from them.

If I had a Switch (and as portable sometime it could replace the Vita) I would have difficulty in playing any third party game on it. But this is a opinion of Playstation owner in the last 15 Years. Nintendo only owners probably dont have this need.
I don't care for achievements anymore, so I'm fine, but they aren't without problems either.

First of all, it's not merely about those who want achievements and those who do not. People want achievements for different reasons. Some just want to use them as a logbook. It's not about the achievement, but about what games you and your friends played through. Others just like them because they give them some extra stuff to do/push them in some direction and then there are the people who want them for the additional challenge and don't want to be congratulated that they finished chapters/the game on normal. There is of course some overlap here, but these views are often at odds with each other. People who go in for the challenge don't care about easy plats or games that give you 500 points for just finishing the game. They would prefer receiving those things for stuff that is actually hard to do and only <1% of players manages to accomplish. But these challenges would probably not be interesting to those that just want to explore the game a bit more. And people that want to use it as a logbook often don't really care about the points. They would be better off with another system altogether.

There are also a lot of games for which achievements don't make sense. Walking simulators, for example. Or point-and-click adventure games. Or puzzle games, if you care about how you compare to others, as these games are easily finished with guides or videos. At best, only one achievement is necessary for these games: 1000 points: reached the end. Achievements are also unnecessary or a bad fit for cinematic platformers, highscore games (leaderboards serve that purpose), games that revolve around online play (negative effect on team play) and local vs games. It makes no sense to me to force developers to implement achievements in these games.

Besides, I think that the developer should have full control over their artistic vision for a game and where they decide to put their resources. If they feel achievements aren't a good fit for their game for whatever reason then they shouldn't have to put them in.

Finally, I also seems that these systems are unhealthy for a lot of people who get addicted to the metagame and can't stop themselves from hunting for achievements. It's good to have at least one 'safe space' within gaming that is free from this, besides game-specific implementations.

If they were to implement a system, I would like one where players are able to completely opt out. No notifications, but also no registration whatsoever (which also means that other people can't check up on your progress). Nothing to even remind you that they exist, besides an option somewhere in the main menu that lets you enable them again. However, at this point in time it seems safe to say that the Switch won't get such a system-wide achievement system. They've hardly added anything to the OS since release and I think that this is very low on the list of things they might add in the future.
I have PS4 and Switch, I'm only looking at the achievements once I finished a game to check how everyone else's did it. So I use it more for the statistical data ( completion % and stuff like that) than for achievements itself. It would be OK if Nintendo adds it but I would prefer a comprehensible gameplay time history as the 3DS has.