US PoliERA 2018 |OT9| Next week has been EXHAUSTING

I heard on NPR a bit ago a wapo (I think) reporter hearing "jokes" about putting journalists in jail at the Whitehouse. Theres a book out I believe that he wrote. If anyone was listening closer than me and can get the name of reporter and book would be appreciated. I was driving and couldn't pay full attention but it was disturbing. His child was crying because they heard him talk about it.

I think roughly an hour ago 9pm cst.
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I was born in 1991, But I became well aware of the Golden Girls when I was a kid in the 90s because that's all my dad would watch most of the time that wasn't Sports.
I'd ask if your dad was gay, too, but Golden Girls was for everyone. In my family that meant my gay dad, gay grandmother....and me. OK, maybe it has a gay following.

Jesus I'm so much older than half the posters in here. I grew up watching GG while it aired. No reruns for me
I feel this way with Simpsons. I was 3 when it started and caught on early, like at 5. It honestly informed me of everything at an early age. It's ingrained in a way that things rarely are for anyone.
Jesus Christ I feel so old. I’m turning 30 in two months. Fuck.
32 as of this last July. Feels awful as I'm a writing tutor at a community college while a year late on an MA thesis. Still plugging away trying to make something work. Meanwhile, playing Gravity Rush 2 while drinking, so yea...
Did tucker really talk about “white genocide”? Fucker needs to lose all of his advertisers.
Tucker isn't the only one pushing this dangerous message. The state senate seat representing my district is an open race with no incumbents. And surprise, surprise the Republican candidate has a Facebook ad that links to an article that says the push for diversity is leading to white genocide and the death of America.
I have 8 months until I'm 30. Fortunately, I got my mid-life crisis out of the way a couple of years early. Unfortunately, it happened at the same time I was despairing from the election results.