Xbox Game Pass |OT| Game Pass and Chill

The Xbox gamepass app is telling me to allow remote installation under settings of my home Xbox but that is not option that I can find anywhere. Anyone else also lacking the option?
Microsoft allowed me to use a 1-month trial for Game Pass even though I signed up for a trial to play Sea of Thieves and then cancelled it. Surely this is a mistake?
I'm trying to take on the 1 year game pass offer but I can't even find where the fuck I'm supposed to sign up for it

All I see is the 1 month sub button
For those wanting to get the most out of Forza and its future updates, the add-ons bundle we talked about in the past is also live. 45 Euros in Europe if you have Game Pass (50 otherwise). I was hoping lower but I think it'll be worth it considering the game is getting years worth of support.